Madison Media Ranks 4th in World’s Largest Independent Media Agencies

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Madison Media, India’s largest independent media agency, has moved up to the 4th spot in the latest edition of Recma’s Report on Top Global Independent Media Agencies. The agency has also topped RECMA’s qualitative ranking chart for the last 4 consecutive years.


Our Analysis and Commentary

Madison Media’s Impressive Rise: A Testament to Excellence

In the world of media agencies, Madison Media has demonstrated exceptional growth and success, solidifying its position among the top players globally. The agency’s recent climb to become the world’s fourth-largest independent media agency is no small feat, and it is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

What sets Madison Media apart is not just their size but also the consistent delivery of exceptional results. Securing the top spot in RECMA’s qualitative ranking chart for the past four consecutive years is a remarkable achievement. This feat showcases their ability to win new business and maintain momentum in an industry known for its cutthroat competition.

Madison Media’s dominance in Vitality, as determined by factors such as new business wins, agency seniors, and industry share, further underscores their prowess. It is a clear indication that they consistently outperform their competitors in key areas, showcasing their ability to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving media landscape.

The recognition given by RECMA, an independent Global Rating Agency, speaks volumes about Madison Media’s credibility and trustworthiness. Their reports are relied upon by the top 500 global advertisers, highlighting the agency’s importance in decision-making and evaluation processes. Madison Media has undoubtedly earned the respect and confidence of industry leaders through their tireless dedication to delivering exceptional results.

Chairman Sam Balsara’s acknowledgment of the faith and trust placed in Madison Media by their clients is a poignant reminder of the agency’s core values. Their 35-year journey has been marked by an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, constantly pushing boundaries to deliver innovative and effective media solutions. Madison Media has proven time and again that their success hinges on forging strong relationships with clients, earning their loyalty and support.

Vikram Sakhuja, Partner & Group CEO of Madison Media & OOH, rightfully expresses his joy, recognizing Madison Media’s position as India’s largest independent media company. Ranking as the most successful independent agency in the world, and now reaching the impressive fourth spot, showcases the agency’s ability to compete on a global scale. Madison Media’s achievement is not just a recognition of their Indian roots but also a testament to their exceptional capabilities in delivering outstanding results across borders.

Madison Media’s remarkable growth is reflected in their extensive list of prestigious clients, including Godrej, Marico, Asian Paints, Titan, and McDonald’s, among others. Their ability to handle media planning and buying for such renowned brands underscores their competence and track record of success.

As Madison World, the agency’s parent company, served an impressive 500 advertisers across its 11 units last year, their reach and influence continue to expand. Madison Media’s growth trajectory shows no signs of slowing down, positioning them as a force to be reckoned with in the media industry.

In conclusion, Madison Media’s ascent to become the world’s fourth-largest independent media agency is a remarkable achievement deserving of applause. Their consistent success, both in terms of size and qualitative ranking, is rooted in their unwavering commitment to excellence, client satisfaction, and innovative media solutions. Madison Media continues to lead the way, setting an example for others in the industry, and their impressive growth trajectory is something to admire. The future looks incredibly promising for Madison Media, as they continue to redefine the boundaries of success in the media agency landscape.


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Madison Media moves up to be the World’s 4th largest Independent Media Agency

Madison Media is delighted to announce that in the latest edition of Recma’s Report on Top Global Independent Media Agencies, Madison Media has moved in rank from No. 5 to No. 4. See table below.

Madison Media, India’s largest homegrown independent media agency, has also topped RECMA’s qualitative ranking chart and has done so for last 4 consecutive years with a Dominant Score. Madison Media ranks No. 1 in Vitality (based on Comp pitches – new biz wins vs losses and Momentum – awards, agency seniors, industry share)

RECMA is an independent Global Rating Agency that publishes various reports on Media Agencies Worldwide, thus helping the top 500 global advertisers in their decision-making and evaluation of agencies. Founded in June 1991, RECMA collects and analyses data from over 1400 media agencies across 90 countries.

Madison World’s Chairman, Sam Balsara is thrilled by the news, saying, “We have grown over 35 years because of the faith and trust reposed in us by our clients. I would like to thank all our clients and Madisonites, who have been part of this journey and helped us survive and thrive in this highly competitive market. While we’ve scaled up over the years, we’ve always kept Madison values at the core of our work.”

“We always knew we were India’s largest independent media company,” says Vikram Sakhuja, Partner & Group CEO of Madison Media & OOH. “The fact that RECMA ranks us as the most successful independent agency in the world yet again and this time moving to the 4th spot, is indeed awesome.”

Madison Media is a part of Madison World, India’s largest homegrown communication agency group established in 1988, that handles media planning and buying for clients like Godrej, Marico, Asian Paints, Titan, Blue Star, TVS, Raymond, CEAT, Pidilite, Bajaj Electricals, McDonald’s, Lodha, and many others. Madison World through its 11 Units served last year, as many as 500 Advertisers.



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