McDonald’s India answers internet’s most asked question #RasodeMeinKaunTha


If you read “Main Thi? Tum Thi? Kaun Tha?” as a song, you’ll understand what’s about to come next. Suddenly an age-old episode was made into a lyrical meme and the internet was wondering, “Rasode mein kaun tha?”

In a delightful use of moment marketing, McDonald’s India with 22feet Tribal Worldwide told Twitterati about everything that’s made in their kitchen. This led to the real answer to Kokilaben’s question on their Twitter handle, which is ‘fries’. Users were intrigued about how they could get these fries and tweeted back. This is when it was revealed that all they have to do is use code FREEFRIES on McDelivery. It was followed by FREEBURGER and Hashbrowns codes to encourage users to place orders.


Creative – Vivek Bhatia, Pradnya Parab, Rajivi Rao, Trupti Jadhav, Debashish Ghosh

Business – Gaurav Magotra, Raghav Chitra, Sonali Savla, Bunsi Issar

Social media & listening – Prateek Vora



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