Motivator launches digital campaign for Mangaaoo in Mumbai


Motivator, a media agency from GroupM, has launched the first phase of the ‘Mangaaoo Dil Se’ digital campaign for food-tech startup Mangaaoo. The ‘foodtastic’ campaign is aimed towards highlighting the sentiments behind food, and how Mangaaoo understands them better than anybody else.

Mangaaoo is a foodtech startup known for its ‘Dil Se’ recommendations, long distance delivery guarantee, and state-of-the-art ordering app. The company has rolled out the primary phase of its first campaign, as they tap into the sensibilities of the young urban consumer who leads a fast-paced life. The Mangaaooapp has been built keeping in mind the core target group. With over 500 restaurant partners across Mumbai, it carries a comprehensive list of recommendations and food guides. Essentially, Mangaaoo is the service that everybody needs as they offer long distance, specialty food deliveries.

The first phase of the campaign highlights the individual features and services that the app has to offer. The most interesting aspect of this campaign phase is its title ‘Mangaaoo Dil Se’, which means ‘order from the heart’. The title indicates that users should have the liberty to order the food that they genuinely love, irrespective of the distance or their location. The first phase of the campaign has created noise across digital media, leading to over 50,000 installs of the app and close to 10 per cent transactions of the installs since the launch of the app.

Commenting on the success of the campaign’s first phase, Mr. Akash Shetty, CEO &Founder of Mangaaoo, said, “It is exciting to see that our brand is getting quick recognition in an extremely cluttered digital space, and we would like to thank the entire Motivator team for a splendid first phase. The idea ‘Dil Se’ crafted by our Brand Mentor &Strategic Advisor Mr Parag More highlighted the real sentiment behind food as an experience was an interesting take, and it instantly struck the right chord with the target group.”

Speaking about the campaign Parag More, Brand Mentor & Strategic Advisor of Mangaaoo said, “The Idea is to create Mangaaoo Dil Se a food anthem of India”. The objective to shed light on the most important aspect about the food experience has been brought out effectively by Motivator through their innovative campaign. The idea has been received well by our consumers. We couldn’t have asked for a better start, and we look forward to a much bigger response to our second phase.”

Commenting on the success of the first phase of the campaign, Trishul Bhumkar, General Manager, Motivator West said, “In continuation of our approach to work with entrepreneurs in nascent stages, we have partnered with Mangaaoo. Mangaaoo solves a unique problem for food lovers and that fuels the traction. Being a new brand in the food tech was not an impediment but a fresh offering. Backed with close collaboration with our specialist performance and technology units the current initiative has already surpassed the success measures. We intend to deploy deeper consumer insights married with data & technology in the 2nd stage of the campaign.”



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