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NFS Technology appoints Spin Communiqué as PR Consultants

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 28, 2021

NFS Technology, UK based international software company has appointed Mumbai-based Spin Communiqué as its Public Relations Consultant. The company is developing technology solutions for successful digital transformations in the meeting venues sector, hospitality, and workspace. The company’s latest tech solution, Rendezvous is recognized globally for managing corporate spaces that cover everything from booking meeting rooms to touch-less visitor management, hot-desking, and car parking.

“Once the threat of COVID-19 subsides, the business world that will emerge will be different from the one that preceded it. Reducing office footprint and agile working will be the new business drivers. NFS Technology will launch a high-intensity communication program highlighting the core competencies, leadership status and, the unique technology solutions that the company offers to its clients. We have engaged Spin Communiqué because the firm represents our core values and understands our aspirations as unified with their own,” says Mr. Prithwish Sarkar, India Business Head, NFS Technology.

The expansion of client services operations in India will complement the NFS Development Centre, in order to serve the global market with high-profile corporate accounts across the USA, the EMEA, Asia Pac, and the UK. While building strategic partnerships in Asia, NFS Technology will be offering India’s booming corporate sector internationally acclaimed workspace management technologies

“At present, we still don’t know where the COVID19 crisis is taking us, and what long-term social impact it will have. But companies are getting to grips with this challenge and putting in measures that work. There’s going to be a lot of refining, rethinking, and sharing of best practices before things start to feel like business as usual, even if it’s a new usual. Every organization has pandemic-generated needs and also, every organization is unique. NFS Technology develops agile workplace software based on needs that are unique to an organization for it to succeed and thrive after the pandemic,” concludes Mr. Sarkar.


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