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Ogilvy Bangalore’s Film On ‘World Bicycle Day’

MediaInfoline June 3, 2021

Today is World Bicycle Day. Normally it would have been a day that would have brought thousands of cycling enthusiasts out on the road to celebrate a day dedicated entirely to them. But these are not normal times. We are in the midst of a global pandemic and instead of celebrating, we are forced to stay indoors, and cycling is the last thing on our minds.

As a brand we have always stood for good health and positivity and there is no better day than today to spread this message. We want people to look towards a better tomorrow and have hope that someday we will welcome a world where #WeWillRideAgain.

This film is designed to inspire people and to remind people of the joys of cycling. And hold on to the belief that we will be able to experience that joy very soon.

Sushant Jena, Senior Vice President, TI Cycles of India: “Today, all of us are facing really difficult times. We want to move out of homes but keeping everyone’s safety in mind, we aren’t. On World Bicycle Day, TI Cycles wanted to celebrate with everyone. Keeping this safety in mind we are reaching out with a message of hope, longing and something we all are looking forward to – go out and ride again.

We are hopeful that the situation gets back to normal soon and while waiting for safer days to ride, we want to celebrate the spirit of good rides and good times.””

George Kovoor, Digital Lead, Ogilvy South: “Our spirits are much like a cycle in the garage today, dampened, rusted. But like the sun rises every morning after the darkest nights , these tough times too shall pass. We wanted to draw this parallel to reinforce the message of positivity and hope that our brand is all about. This is a simple film about a simple thought- good things, like cycling, will come to us again!”

The film is made entirely by using photographs that capture the state of bicycles today. Bicycles that have been parked all around our homes- in bedrooms, living rooms, terraces and basements, waiting for the day that they will be used again.

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Client: TI Cycles of India

Brand: Track & Trail

Senior Vice President: Sushant Jena

TI’s marketing team: Manish Sridhar, Varun Nair

Agency: Ogilvy, Bangalore

Chief Creative Officers, Ogilvy South: Kiran Anthony & Mahesh Gharat

Managing Partner, Ogilvy South: Tithi Ghosh

Creative team: George Koovor, Laven Chauhan

Strategy & Planning: Divyoshri Chatterjee

Account Management: Khushbu Singh

Production House: Little Lamb Films, Mumbai



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