Plum Goodness renews partnership with Team Pumpkin for performance marketing mandate

Plum Goodness and Team Pumpkin collaboration for performance marketing.


Plum Goodness, an Indian beauty and personal care brand, has extended its association with Team Pumpkin for performance marketing. The agency will focus on bottom-of-the-funnel initiatives to drive results for the brand.


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Plum Goodness and Team Pumpkin’s Continued Partnership Drives Growth and Success

Plum Goodness, the renowned Indian beauty and personal care brand, has once again chosen Team Pumpkin as their performance marketing partner, solidifying their successful association for a second consecutive year. This extended partnership showcases the trust and belief that Plum Goodness has in Team Pumpkin’s ability to deliver exceptional results.

With a strong emphasis on delivering products with goodness at their core, Plum Goodness has built a reputation for offering a wide range of cruelty-free and non-toxic skincare, makeup, haircare, and daycare products. Their online presence spans across 15 countries, with a strong presence in over 350 towns and cities in India.

Team Pumpkin’s previous campaigns for have proven to be highly successful, generating impressive revenue growth and consistently improving the brand’s Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). This achievement serves as a testament to Team Pumpkin’s expertise and understanding of Plum Goodness’ ethos.

Ranjeet Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO of Team Pumpkin, expresses his excitement and enthusiasm over this retention. The brand’s commitments to promoting goodness align closely with Team Pumpkin’s values, creating a strong synergy that sets the stage for more impactful and memorable work in the future.

Abhishek Agrawal, Chief Business Officer of Plum Goodness, commends Team Pumpkin for their important role in the successful execution of the brand’s strategy, particularly during their recent 9th birthday sale. The positive reception from consumers highlights the effectiveness of their collaboration. Moving forward, both parties anticipate even greater achievements and results.

In line with their drive for continuous improvement, Team Pumpkin has formed ROIsted, a specialized unit focusing on performance marketing and SEO. This restructuring aligns with their commitment to providing even higher levels of service and expertise to their clients. Plum Goodness can expect to benefit from their expertise in driving bottom-of-the-funnel initiatives.

The continued partnership between Plum Goodness and Team Pumpkin signifies a shared vision for growth, innovation, and the delivery of exceptional beauty and personal care products to consumers worldwide. With their combined strengths and unwavering commitment to excellence, the future looks promising for both entities as they work together to achieve even greater heights of success.


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Plum Goodness retains Team Pumpkin for Performance Marketing mandate for the second year in a row

Integrated Marketing Agency Team Pumpkin has announced its extended association with the fast-growing Indian beauty and personal care brand Plum Goodness. Team Pumpkin will function as performance marketing partner for Plum Goodness, focusing on bottom-of-the-funnel initiatives as a part of the mandate.

Founded in 2013, Plum Goodness was built with the belief in the goodness that delivers. The company has a portfolio of cruelty-free and non-toxic products with over 500 SKUs. Their skincare, makeup, haircare, and daycare products have a strong online presence and are available across 15 countries and in over 350 towns and cities in India.

Plum Goodness’ decision to extend their contract with Team Pumpkin comes after a series of successful campaigns by the agency for, increasing their revenue and consistently improving the ROAS for the brand.

Co-Founder and CEO, Team Pumpkin, Ranjeet Kumar commented, “The team is ecstatic with this retention. The brand’s ethos is one that we resonate with strongly, and we look forward to doing more work together that is both meaningful and memorable.”

Celebrating the success of the 9th birthday sale, Chief Business Officer, Plum Goodness, Abhishek Agrawal said, “We are delighted by the positive reception of the birthday sale by our wonderful consumers. Team Pumpkin has helped in the efficient execution of our strategy. We look forward to the continued association to drive bigger and better results.”

The new mandate will be serviced by ROIsted, the performance marketing and SEO unit formed after recent restructuring in the company and formation of specialized agencies.


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