Response India Unleashes 7 Powerhouses to Revive Calcutta’s Advertising Scene

Response India's team of seven advertising professionals standing together.


Response India, a Calcutta-based advertising agency, has onboarded five of the city’s top advertising heavyweights and two consultants to take advertising to the next level in the city.


Our Analysis and Commentary

Response India’s New Powerhouse is Set to Unleash an Advertising Renaissance in Calcutta

The advertising industry in Calcutta has been invigorated with the arrival of Response India’s new powerhouse team. Comprising seven of the city’s top advertising heavyweights, the team is poised to take the advertising scene in Calcutta to new heights.

Led by CEO Mr. Sidhartha Roy and Owner-Director Ms. Rashi Ray, Response India’s team is brimming with expertise that spans more than 212 years and over 500 brands in diverse categories such as FMCG, durables, media, fashion, education, tech, and hospitality.

While Response India is already well-known for its exceptional work in digital, design, publishing, and films, the arrival of these seven seasoned stalwarts is igniting the agency to greater heights. As they set their sights on rolling out a range of accounts across India, the prospect of their combined talent and experience is thrilling and exciting.

Anurag Hira, who has worked at several top agencies in Calcutta and has over 35 years of experience in the industry, said it was the legacy of Response India’s founder, Adman Ram Ray, that drew him to the agency. Likewise, Ms. Ray is confident that the team has what it takes to launch or reinvigorate any brand, citing the team’s wealth of experience in building and reviving brands.

With this new powerhouse team, Response India is set to usher in an era of advertising renaissance in Calcutta. The team’s vast experience, creative prowess, and innovative thinking will undoubtedly benefit the agency’s clientele and help them achieve their advertising goals.

Overall, the arrival of Response India’s new powerhouse is a clear sign that the advertising scene in Calcutta is set to take a major leap forward. With the abundance of talent at their disposal, it is a matter of time before Response India becomes a leading agency nationally and internationally.


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Advertising Renaissance In Calcutta

Calcutta’s parched advertising scene is struck by thunder, with Response unleashing a potent combine of 7 powerhouses who are geared to take advertising to the next level in the city.

MrSidhartha Roy, CEO and Ms Rashi Ray, Owner-Director decided to give wings to the deep roots of this quintessential Calcutta agency. In a short time, minds met and alliances happened, resulting in the onboarding of five of the city’s top advertising heavyweights.

Joining them are Mr Anurag Hira as Mentor, Mr Joy Aichbhowmik as Executive Creative Director, Mr Partha Chowdhury &MrShibnath Sen as Creative Consultants and Mr Rohan Basu as a Consultant Executive Producer.

The mindpower of these 7 seasoned stalwarts is igniting Response as it is poised to gallop nationally. The Agency is on the verge of signing a slew of prestigious accounts pan India.

Their combined 212 years’ experience spans expertise of over 500 brands in all possible categories from FMCG, durables, media, foods, fashion, education, personal care, hospitality, healthcare, real estate, tech, among others. Besides, Response has its own film production unit. As well as excelling in all areas of communication from Digital, Design, Publishing, Films, so on.

“It’s great to have the most talented minds in the industry with us. Together we have the potential to create magic to launch or turn around any brand.” said Ms Rashi Ray, Owner-Director, Response India.

Anurag Hira reflected, “Response has always attracted me. Mr Ray’s legacy is a tremendous inspiration for us. Response has been known to build brands from scratch or revive brands that tire a little over the years. Something that I’ve always loved to do. It’s quite exciting.”

Founded by the much revered Adman Ram Ray in 1984, Response Indiahas over the years been credited with building the future of many brands, which are still talked about.

Brief Introduction Of The Magnificent 7

Sidhartha Roy

  • Over 37 years in advertising
  • Worked on 100+ brands
  • Former President, Advertising Club Calcutta
  • Former President, Calcutta Management Association
  • Former Chairperson and current Mentor of the Brand and Marketing Committee, Bengal Chamber

Rashi Ray

  • Design Graduate
  • Worked on 50+ brands
  • Youngest Agency Leader; Winner, 30 under 30.
  • Nearly 20 years in the business
  • Recipient of several Design & Advertising Awards

Anurag Hira

  • Calcutta’s renowned adman
  • 35+ years in the business
  • HTA, Trikaya Grey, Equus, Contract, Bates, One by One Design
  • Worked on 100+ brands

Joy Aichbhowmik

  • Over 20 years’ experience
  • Bates, JWT, ABP, SoS Ideas, Situations.
  • Recipient of several Regional & National Awards

Partha Choudhury

  • Over 25 years’experience
  • Equus, Contract, Bates, Rediffusion, O&M, JWT
  • Recipient of several Regional & National Advertising Awards.

Shibnath Sen

  • Calcutta’s veteran admanand revered Copywriter
  • Over 50+ years at HTA, ULKA, RAD, Clarion
  • Recipient of Cannes Advertising Awards

Rohan Basu

  • Over 25 years’ experience
  • Lintas, Situations, JWT, L&K
  • Over 100+ ad films under his belt

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