Seven new clients added to Zero Gravity Communications’ portfolio

Zero Gravity Communication

With the outbreak of Covid-19 followed by the lockdown, where many integrated communication consultancies struggled for survival, for Zero Gravity Communications it turned out to be an opportunity. Besides prompting a diversification of its portfolio, the pandemic has increased its focus on a digital-first approach.

Before pandemic, this Ahmedabad-headquartered consultancy had become a sought-after solution for its expertise in hospitality, F&B segments, travel. 360 -degree strategy, branding, advertising and digital solutions is offered by Zero Gravity Communications.

Through leveraging creativity, communication and collaboration, Zero Gravity Communications immediately adapted the new normal with the onslaught of the pandemic. The various sectors that have inevitably benefited from the pandemic such as health and wellness, e-commerce and education were tapped by the team of the consultancy. Zero Gravity Communications escalates its investment into digital strategy and exhibited its landmark achievements in the domain. Fruitful results were yielded by this reorientation.

Acknowledging that COVID-19 hastened their diversification, Khushboo Sharma, Founder& CEO, Zero Gravity Communications, credited her team #theideapeople for this remarkable success. “The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of integrated marketing consultancies. We foresee agility and out-of-the-box thinking to become enablers to navigating exigencies. Upon the imposition of the lockdown, our team worked virtually and brainstormed on strategy and creative ideas that had the potential to resonate with consumers. We channelized our energies into digital as it had gained currency during this unprecedented time. Our collaborative efforts and perseverance lead to our success. We intend to redefine the communication landscape by evolving continuously to cater to changing tastes and preferences of consumers.”

Amid pandemic, most of the firms were struggling to hold the fort to their existing clients, seven new clients came onboard with Zero Gravity Communication. Troikaa Nutrascience, Asia NEI from the CK Birla Group, Clear Water, Nimba Nature Cure, Hyginelabs, Roastea, Clearth and Jivraj 9 are the newest addition to its clientele. Diversification of its portfolio into health and wellness is another trend and it has onboarded Synershield Z- a Troikaa. Other than that, Clearth permeate a sanitizer range and a women hygiene and intimate wash is imbued by Nutrascience’s immunity medicine. Its ability to cater to new segments will enrich its portfolio and hasten its expansion.


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