WorkIndia hands Pitchfork Partners its corporate communication mandate

WorkIndia is India’s largest technology-based recruitment marketplace

India’s largest technology-based recruitment marketplace, WorkIndia has appointed Pitchfork Partners Strategic Consulting LLP as its public relations counsel.

WorkIndia will be depending on Pitchfork’s expertise to strengthen its position as an organization that is dedicated to enabling blue-collar employees to find jobs based on their skills.

Founded in 2015, WorkIndia has built a fully automated technology platform that enables dynamic, algorithm-based, geotagged, hiring that requires minimum or no human intervention. The tech brand aims at organizing the blue-/grey-collar sector by connecting the employers to the right employees so that every worker can get a suitable job. Currently, WorkIndia has more than half a million annual hires and has an active candidate pool of over 26 million.

Kunal PatilCo-Founder and CEO, WorkIndia, said, “While the white-collar segment’s behaviour is well documented, the blue- and grey-collar segment behaves very differently when it comes to recruiting. Our larger goal is to provide meaningful livelihoods to the 258 million blue-collar workers in India and we believe that Pitchfork Partners shares our passion and beliefs. We see a huge opportunity for sustained growth and Pitchfork has the credentials to assist us.”

Jaideep Shergill, Co-founder, Pitchfork Partners, said, “We are pleased to associate with WorkIndia given its leadership position in this massive blue-collar marker. It’s a great opportunity to assist WorkIndia achieve its vision through strategic and insights-driven communication.”

Pitchfork Partners is a strategic consultancy that is committed to taking care of its clients’ reputations. Moreover, during the COVID-19 pandemic period, smartphone usage has become a way of life for the blue-collar worker, and mobile phones are being extensively used amongst the low-income segment. Approximately 65% of the Chinese blue-collar workforce uses online recruitment websites for job search. And, the Indian online revolution in blue-collar is rapidly catching up the pace. Pitchfork Partners specializes in understanding the business needs and aligning communication to business goals, management, protection and championing reputation building,

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