B.Grimm partners with CNN to create awareness around tiger conservation and environmental protection

B.Grimm partners with CNN to create awareness around tiger conservation and environmental protection

CNN International Commercial (CNNIC) and B.Grimm, a multi business corporation based in Thailand, have joined forces for an advertising and sponsorship campaign to showcase initiatives that promote awareness around environmental protection and tiger conservation.

This initiative centers around B.Grimm being the exclusive global sponsor of the new multiplatform strand Mission Tiger which tells the story of the tiger through their ecosystem. Aired on CNN International in March 2023, the half hour show explored how building a strong ecosystem allows the tiger population to thrive.  Mission Tiger aims to uncover many unseen benefits that come hand-in-hand with tiger protection, therefore showing how all aspects of their habitat are connected.

“It is always a privilege to collaborate with brands like B.Grimm that share the same values and beliefs around sustainability and conservation. We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with B.Grimm to inspire global audiences with impactful stories about the importance of tiger conservation and protecting the natural environment they inhabit. We look forward to engaging CNN’s global audiences to create a dialogue and action around a sustainable future,” said Rob Bradley, Senior Vice President, CNN International Commercial.

“With Compassion, Business can exist in harmony with nature and community,” said by Dr. Harald Link, Chairman of B.Grimm. B.Grimm has been supporting Tigers conservation projects through both government and non-government organizations for more than 10 years. They believe that their partnership with CNN, through CNN’s high-production storytelling and its extensive reach, will curate compelling content that highlights the significant role of wild tigers in the ecosystem, and hence bring alive their commitment towards conserving our environment.

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