BIG Ganga joins hands with Lowe Lintas for a social initiative KaamWapasi

BIG Ganga partners with Lowe Lintas

Many people lost their jobs in this pandemic and this is one of the many problems and challenges that was faced during this period. Not just the migrant workers and breadwinners in the family were suffering through this issue but a host of industries across sectors were also got affected as well as those who depended on them. Focussing at catering and resolving the on-going unemployment issue amongst migrant workers in India, BIG Ganga has joined hands with Lowe Lintas for a brilliant initiative KaamWapasi. BIG Ganga has always believed in rising in adversities and offering unconditional care.

This one-of-a-kind tech platform shall help the migrant workers in these testing times to get back to work and assist employers with access to a pool of available workers. BIG Ganga to create awareness in the job market and reduce the unemployment gap through customized interventions shall leverage their extensive presence in the region, having a penchant for understanding the region better than anyone else. Through this initiative, workers get their choice of work and for that, all they have to do is call on the toll-free number 1800 202 44 88, follow the process and register themselves accordingly and they will get the work along with a sense of dignity and self-respect in their labour. People can also register on the unique tech platform which is a solution operating as a mobile-first site as well as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR). As the migrant workers will choose the jobs according to their skill-sets and location, the platform will help these migrant workers in taking up active projects a step closer to them. Both migrant workers and employers who are looking forward to accessing to the new talent pool, are getting benefitted with Big Ganga playing an instrumental role in spreading the awareness as well as routing the people across the region towards the platform.

Commenting on the initiative, Prathyusha Agarwal, Chief Consumer Officer, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd said, “As a responsible media & entertainment platform, we at ZEE believe in serving the community to the very best of our capabilities, coming together with like-minded partners to create extraordinary solutions. The KaamWapasi initiative in partnership with Lowe Lintas is a purposive step in that direction enabling our Big Ganga audiences to take active charge of their livelihoods for a tomorrow that’s better than the pandemic-hit today. Providing a tech-enabled tangible route to employment, we see the platform perfectly complementing the government’s efforts to fuel the economy by accelerating the unlock on a greater scale. This initiative we hope, will not only set the bar for what could be done to serve society in one the most-difficult times but would also further encourage brands and people to come together and take ownership of improving the situation.”

Speaking on the initiative, Samrat Ghosh, Cluster Head East, ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd said, “The initiative in partnership with Lowe Lintas is a perfect amalgamation of what Big Ganga stands for. Staying true to our brand ethos of upholding and enhancing regional pride the brand understands that employment is a key social pillar towards ensuring the same.  The association with KaamWapasi serves as an endeavour towards the same restoring the same that caters towards the pressing issue of unemployment and bridges the widening gap between employers and workers in a tech-led effective manner. As a brand our philosophy apart from offering inspiring and aspirational content, we intend to enrich the lives of our viewers through multiple initiatives & the said initiative will help to enrich and brighten their lives.’

Talking about the initiative, Shantanu Sapre, Executive Director, Lowe Lintas said, “It’s really wonderful to collaborate with a brand like BIG Ganga who has always come forward to support and help people in the hour of need. Through the KaamWapasi intiative, we are trying to re-build the strong foundation for the workers who have lost their jobs unfortunately in pandemic. The initiative not only aims to re-connect them with urban employers but further propels growth and development in the economy taking it towards the road of recovery.”

BIG Ganga has always been the channel that stands up very well on the ground with the people for the people in their hour of need and raises the bar of entertainment through its varied offerings time and again.

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