BTVi associates with Mumbai First for the #Vote4Mumbai – Vote Kar, Mumbaikar initiative


In an effort to persuade people across Mumbai’s corporate sector to vote during the forthcoming civic elections, BTViIndia’s premier English business news channel associates with Mumbai First for a unique initiative to galvanize people across corporates, institutions and individuals to participate in the #Vote4Mumbai challenge– Vote Kar, Mumbaikar

Through this initiative, BTVi aims to induce corporate in Mumbai to go out and VOTE. BTVi has rolled out an extensive on-air, online and social media campaign to support the cause.

On this initiative, Ms. Monica Tata, COO, BTVi, said, “We at BTVi are extremely excited to associate with Mumbai First for #Vote4Mumbai initiative. We have high hopes that this challenge in turn will influence many corporates to vote and bring in a change in the society. Through our channel we urge everyone in Mumbai to go out and vote.”

The initiative #Vote4Mumbai is an inter-corporate/institution and team as well as inter-department challenge to go out and vote, en masse.

Statistics of the last four elections shows that every time elections are held in Mumbai, less than 45 per cent of registered voters have cast their franchise. This initiative will recognize institutions who manage to lead their employees to a 100% voter turnout and would be rewarded to a unique incentive of participating in a round table on key challenges facing Mumbai. Winners will be announced on BTVi as well.

Representatives of the winning institutions/ individuals would get an opportunity to present a white paper to the Government. This initiative is well supported by a digital campaign where an individual can post videos and social messages to provoke others to go out and vote too.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation elections will take place on 21st February 2O17 on a Tuesday.


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