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Casio G-Shock ties up with Rajasthan Royals for IPL 2021

Shreoshree Chakrabarty April 19, 2021

The official toughness partner of IPL 2021’s youngest and the most exciting team Rajasthan Royals is Casio’s iconic G-Shock range of watches which is known for its legendary toughness, trailblazing designs and innovative technology.

G-Shock’s formal association with competitive sports in India kickstarts with this tie-up. Due to the superior toughness, light materials, and fitness-related functions, the wide range of watches are meant for raising the bar on the field.

Because of the shared values of performance and innovation, Rajasthan Royals and G-Shock have very high synergies by pushing boundaries through absolute toughness.

To collaborate and drive the visibility for the respective brands, the partnership provides a unique chance to tap into the individual fan bases of the team and the G-Shock community in India.

This also opens up a new area of collaboration in the future where custom-designed limited-edition G-Shocks for Rajasthan Royals can be a part of official player equipment and fan merchandise.

Commenting on this partnership, Casio Indias Vice President Mr Kulbhushan Seth said, “G-Shock is an iconic watch brand across the world by being integral to the youth culture through fashion, music, arts and sports. G-Shock is designed to be tough & raises the bar on-field performance.  Rajasthan Royals is a resilient & tough team and this partnership opens up a unique opportunity for both brands to further inspire and drive the never give up attitude amongst a larger section of youth who actively follow cricket and are G-shock lovers”.

Rajasthan Royals’ Chief Operating Officer Mr. Jake Lush McCrum stated, “Rajasthan Royals has always been synonymous to introducing innovation and technology to its methods of working, both on and off the field. The synergism between our two brands is enormous and provides us with the opportunity of exploring a more long-term focused relationship to drive unified objectives.”

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