Chingari collaborates with BandEdge Music & Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd.

Chingari joins hands with BandEdge Music & Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd. to promote budding talents

Chingari App enters into a partnership with BandEdge Music & Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd. The partnership aims at promoting budding artists and creating opportunities for all the exclusive and non-exclusive artists of BandEdge. The artists of BandEdge will get a wider audience through the Chingari App.

Additionally, Chingari and BandEdge plan to run a contest to promote the new talents.

Commenting on the partnership with a well-known music and talent agency brand like BandEdge, Mr. Sumit Ghosh, Co-founder & CEO, Chingari app said, “We feel so proud that a purely Made-In-India short-video app like Chingari has partnered with BandEdge which is known for giving a great platform to local talents as well. Both Chingari users and emerging talents on the platform of BandEdge will surely benefit from this partnership by reaching a much wider audience on our short video social app. There is no doubt in saying that this partnership is a win-win for our users and budding talents as well.”

Sharing his views on the association, Deepak Salvi, COO, Chingari App, said, “This is one such partnership which will surely show its amazing results in future. By joining hands with India’s premier artist agency BandEdge, we are geared up to give even more entertaining material to our short video social app users. And, the icing on the cake is that in addition to entertainment to Chingari users, the budding talents will get to reach a wider audience too. Chingari has its subscribers bases as one of its biggest strengths and BandEdge artists will certainly get to grab many more eyeballs than before. We look forward to witnessing some interesting results in this great partnership.”

BandEdge too had similar sort of views over its association with Chingari. Commenting on the tie-up, Kinjal Bhattacharya, Founder & Music Entrepreneur, said, “BandEdge music and talent agency’s sole aim is to bring together musical talents across all genres under a common umbrella and provide them with the professional helping hand. And, now with this partnership of short video social app Chingari, we are thrilled and excited to witness some next big moments in the careers of budding talents on our platform since Chingari has a huge audience base and what else a budding talent can expect other than reaching a maximum possible audience.”

Adding the views on the association, Jesse J, the Director of Bandedge Music & Talent Agency Pvt. Ltd said “We are pleased to announce our partnership with Chingari! This collaboration aims to increase the exchange of ideas and expertise between both companies. As we have admired the quality and authenticity of the exciting content on this platform, this is the perfect platform to showcase the talent of our Exclusive Artists.“

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