‘Chingles Filz’ Chewing Gum Of DS Group Collaborates With Snapchat To Gamify ‘Chewing Gum Day’


Dharampal Satyapal Group (DS Group), a multi-business corporation and a leading FMCG Conglomerate, announced a unique collaboration with Snapchat to celebrate Chewing Gum Day for Chingles Filz, a liquid-filled chewing gum. Leveraging Snapchat’s cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) lens technology, Chingles Filz Chewing Gum has created an interactive and immersive experience for its users.

The digital campaign #ChinglesChewingGumChallenge on the Snapchat platform aims to engage users by incorporating jaw-tracking technology into a gamified lens, providing an unprecedented and enjoyable chewing gum experience. To enhance user engagement, the AR gamification lens (which prominently showcases Chingles Filz Chewing Gum branding) will allow users to immerse themselves in a virtual gum-chewing practice, creating a real-life engaging experience. The lens offers a variety of thrilling challenges and games centered around the theme of chewing gum. This further provides an opportunity for users to engage in friendly competition with their friends and fellow Snapchatters, adding a competitive edge to the celebration. Users can effortlessly participate and challenge their gum-chewing Snapchat friends and followers, spreading the enjoyment and enthusiasm of Chewing Gum Day.

Mr. Arvind Kumar, General Manager, DS Foods Limited (Confectionery), expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, saying,
 “‘Chingles Filz’ Chewing Gum is a brand known to be full of life and laughter that brings a smile to everyone’s face. We are confident this AR-driven campaign for Chingles Filz on Chewing Day will excite consumers and liven them up taking our consumer engagement to a whole new level, pushing boundaries, redefining consumer engagement, and creating memorable experiences. We look forward to seeing how this unique initiative resonates with the Chingles audience and adds a delightful twist to Chewing Gum Day celebrations.”

Key highlights of the Chingles Filz Chewing Gum Snapchat AR Lens for Chewing Gum Day:

  1. Immersive GameplayUsers can experience the joy of chewing gum in a playful and interactive way. The lens uses jaw-tracking technology to simulate the act of chewing gum, creating a lifelike and engaging experience.
  2. Engaging Challenges:The lens offers exciting challenges and games related to chewing gum. Users can compete with friends and fellow Snapchatters, adding a competitive edge to the celebration.
  3. Customized Chingles Filz Branding:The lens prominently features Chingles Filz Chewing Gum branding, reinforcing the brand’s association with the joy of chewing.
  4. Shareable Moments:Users can easily share their chewing gum adventures with friends and followers on Snapchat, spreading the fun and excitement of Chewing Gum Day.


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