Curefoods Announces collaboration with Shark Tank, Big Boss and FIFA Digital


Curefoods, India’s leading cloud kitchens operator has announced partnerships for its brands EatFit and CakeZone, with various consumer-facing content platforms like Shark Tank, Big Boss and FIFA Digital, just after its recent partnership announcement with ICC. With these partnerships, Curefoods aims to release various ad campaigns which will involve deep content integration across the partner brands and will build on the content representation to connect with consumers and spread the brand ethos of healthy and nutritious eating, effectively to a larger set of audience.

As a result of these partnerships, EatFit will be the Online Food Partner for Shark Tank Season 2. CakeZone has partnered with Big Boss, Big Boss Buzz and FIFA Digital after the announcement of Nora Fatehi as CakeZone’s brand ambassador. Through these partnerships, the brands will also get sponsorship and branding rights on Television, OTT and other advertisement platforms which will be run through various ad films and ad initiatives.

This campaign will appeal not only to the consumers but also the fellow entrepreneurs in the food domain, inspiring them about the benefits of eating the right food. The focus on deep content integrations will offer an overall understanding of the vision EatFit and CakeZone from the house of Curefoods have, and their product offerings in an innovative style, and will star Curefoods’ brand ambassadors Nora Fatehi, Varun Dhawan, Mithila Palkar and Devdutt Padikal in the ad campaign.

Gokul Kandhi, Chief Business Officer, Curefoods said, “The consumer-facing content shows like Shark Tank, Big Boss, and FIFA Digital provide a huge opportunity for the Curefoods brands EatFit and CakeZone to engage with consumers and tell them about the brand offerings in a detailed manner. We are keen to leverage this opportunity to reach out to entrepreneurs and consumers in the food ecosystem, to show the world the immense opportunity that the food industry has, and the positive change that it can bring in today’s world with the impact that food creates on us. With the upcoming festive season in India, I believe that these partnerships will also allow us to capitalise well on our products.”

 Curefoods has spent approximately 10 million dollars in the second half of 2022, to focus on its content representation through advertisement platforms, and aims on bringing about a change in people’s eating styles and preferences in order to make India a healthier place of one’s choice.

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