Curly Tales and Mashable India Join Hands to Unveil New Web Series ‘Festivals of India Explored by Skoda’

Curly Tales and Mashable India Join Hands to Unveil New Web Series ‘Festivals of India Explored by Skoda’

Curly Tales, India’s leading travel, food, lifestyle and luxury platform, has teamed up with Mashable India to bring viewers a new web series that explores the vibrant festivals of India. Titled ‘Festivals of India Explored by Skoda’, the series offers an insightful look into the diverse culture and traditions of India’s festivals.

The web series features two talented individuals — the ace conversationalist Siddharth Aalambayan and versatile actor from Uttar Pradesh, Srishti Shrivastava. Together, they embark on a journey to explore the colourful and vibrant festivals of India. The team travelled to Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna, to experience the vibrant festival of colours — Holi.

What makes this web series unique is the fact that despite being a country of diverse cultures and traditions, there hasn’t been much content available that highlights India’s festivals. The teams at Curly Tales and Mashable India aim to bridge this gap by showcasing the beauty of India’s festivals.

The partnership with Skoda Kushaq made the journey even more seamless and safe, especially in the day and age of the rising road-tripping generation. The team explored the lanes of Mathura and had amazing food while experiencing the festival of colours. The series promises to be a treat for the senses and the soul; and is a must-watch for anyone looking to explore the rich culture of India.

Srishti Shrivastava —  of Gulabo Sitabo, Girls Hostel, Dhavak and Maja Ma, and Girlyapa fame — is super excited to be part of the new web series. She says, “The experience felt like it had to be on my bucket list. I didn’t know much about Holi in Mathura till I saw it with my own eyes. The streets were pink, and everyone celebrated Holi. Every human. They were happy, they were welcoming and the entire city made sure that each one was having fun. The food, the colours, the people and the culture make Holi wholesome in Mathura and Vrindavan. I imagined it to be a certain way, and it was like that and more. The ghats, the sunset and the Aarti just felt like it was out of a book. I feel lucky to have witnessed it. I really am grateful to Curly Tales, Mashable India and Skoda for this.”

Speaking about the series, Siddharth Aalambayan said, “Festivals are the heartbeat of India. They are what make India so unique and special. Through this series, we aim to showcase the beauty and vibrancy of India’s festivals and give viewers a glimpse into the traditions and customs that make India so diverse.”

Kamiya Jani, Chief Traveling Officer of Curly Tales, said, “We are thrilled to partner with Skoda India and Mashable India for our latest web series, ‘Festivals of India Explored by Skoda’. Collaborating with our long-term supporter Skoda makes it easier for us to explore content avenues. Partners like Skoda make our life easier and bring fresh and unique content to our users. At Curly Tales, we are purveyors of stories from Bharat, and we believe that every traveller should explore the Indian subcontinent before exploring the world. Through this web series, we aim to showcase the diverse and colourful festivals of India and give our viewers a glimpse into the rich culture and traditions that make India so special.” 

The web series will be disseminated on Curly Tales and Mashable India’s social media handles, giving viewers an opportunity to experience the festivals from the comfort of their own homes.

Curly Tales and Mashable India are excited to launch this web series and invite viewers to join them on this journey of exploring the Festivals of India.

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Has celebs like Sobhita Dhulipala, Saquib Ayubi(of Farzi Fame), Atul Khatri (the comedian), Anshul Pandey (the TV actor) & Navina Bole commenting on the Instagram video.

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Has celebs like Malavika Mohnanan, Delhi Chairperson for the Womens Commission Swati Maliwal, lauding the team’s efforts. 

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