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eYantra acquires digital marketing agency Digital Ozone

Madhushree Chakrabarty April 28, 2021

Brand merchandising and marketing firm, eYantra acquires Hyderabad-based digital marketing agency, Digital Ozone in order to strengthen its digital marketing capabilities. The acquisition aimed at solidifying its brand marketing abilities and offering end-to-end digital marketing service offerings to its 1000+ large corporate customers.

Post-acquisition Digital Ozone will be rebranded as eYantra Media. The expert team of Digital Ozone will be complementing eYantra’s strong capabilities in Branding and Merchandising well. And, it will further help the brand to become the preferred partner to companies to fulfill their marketing and branding needs.

Commenting on the development, Mr. Raj N, Founder of eYantra said that, “From our experience of working on corporate branding for large corporates (B2B), we realized that there is a lot of gap between their digital marketing needs versus what is offered by the competition. The service model that most Digital marketing agencies offer hinders growth in the long term. There is a dearth of good digital marketing agencies with a B2B focus across the world. We aim to fill this void with eYantra Media, a one-stop-shop for all branding and marketing needs of B2B enterprises. Hence this association marks the beginning of creating a niche in the B2B SaaS marketing space. We aim to work towards consolidating all our Digital efforts, and stand as the first Digital media company that deploys a structure that works to curate technology and content for the B2B space.”

Digital Ozone’s Founder and CEO, Archana Purohit will serve as the CEO of eYantra Media, a subsidiary that will focus on building B2B SaaS marketing capabilities. Speaking on this development, she said, “Today, on an average, an organization with 250+ employees use more than 100 SaaS apps. Small firms of up to 50 employees use between 25-50 SaaS solutions. The pandemic has fastened SaaS adoption across all industries and business formats. Research states that by 2022, almost 75% of all organizations will be using one SaaS solution. To have an edge, it’s imperative to build partnerships that will help create thought leadership. With Digital media as the only channel of sales, it is time that we equip and prepare ourselves to cater to specialized marketing needs for selling technology to the untapped potential of B2B SaaS companies in India.”


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