Grant Thornton Bharat launches Faces of Vibrant Bharat

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Moneycontrol and CommsCredible have collaborated with Grant Thornton Bharat to launch Faces of Vibrant Bharat (FoVB). The initiative will tell the stories of the organizations that are making an impact with their work at the basic level on the social fabric of India.

Initially, Moneycontrol will be inviting 52 sociopreneurs who are making the country a vibrant economy. This first phase of the initiative will be concluded with a large event that will bring together all the recognized faces. There will be a platform presented by the event for exchanging ideas for learning and collaborating through keynote presentations, panel discussions, networking sessions, etc.

Commenting on the initiative, Vishesh Chandiok, CEO of Grant Thornton Bharat, said: “The current pandemic has highlighted the massive disparity in our society. It has also shown the potential of how a nation can progress when it comes together. Our whole objective of starting this initiative is to bring together India’s sociopreneurs and give them a platform to connect, engage and inspire. We want to help these sociopreneurs bridge the business challenges so that Bharat (India) rises to achieve its goal of becoming a $10-trillion economy.”

Adding his views, Binoy Prabhakar, Executive Editor of Moneycontrol, said:  “We are thrilled to partner Grant Thornton and CommsCredible to launch Faces of Vibrant Bharat (FoVB). As storytelling is at the heart of everything that we do, it is a pleasure to be associated with an initiative that tells the stories of people and organizations driving real change at the grassroots. Social entrepreneurs play a vital role to push through development in rural parts where the traditional entrepreneurial approach and textbook business solutions might not work. It will be interesting to hear the experiences of these sociopreneurs.”

Sharing his views on the initiative, Aman Dhall, founder of CommsCredible, said: “We are very pleased to partner with Grant Thornton Bharat and Moneycontrol on this very exciting initiative. We believe India is on the cusp of long-term change, and this coming decade will be led by the collective effort of these sociopreneurs. We are very happy that we are a partner in curating and sharing stories of these promising sociopreneurs.”

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