Healthifyme Partners With Wondrlab To Say ‘India, It’s Time To Healthify’, On Boards Sara Ali Khan


Wondrlab, India’s largest platform-first creative martech start-up, has helped craft HealthifyMe’s campaign ‘It’s time to Healthify’ as a part of their new year communication. The film seamlessly brings alive the brand messaging in a fun and interesting manner.

The film covers individual stories of everyone ranging from Sara and their regular users who have opted for HealthifyMe to meet their goals. The film is a montage of real stories and people’s reasons to Healthify. The campaign encourages people to come on Healthifyme irrespective of their goal. The platform has it all. The campaign went live across TV, Digital, Social, Radio, Print, Hoardings and the app.

There will also be individual testimonial videos of the users that will be released as an extension to be campaign.

Speaking about the campaign, Amit Akali, Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Wondrlab said, “When we studied data, we realised that no one really healthifies or loses weight just to be healthy – there’s always a larger goal or reason. Everybody knows they should be healthy, but don’t get to it, till some reason triggers and motivates them. It could be the diagnosis of a disease like diabetes or PCOS, it could be an upcoming wedding, or wanting to be an active dad, anything. We decided to use that insight to connect to people – by sharing real stories of real people who lost weight, speaking about why they did it, along with sharing their  phenomenal healthify transformation stories, to inspire others to healthify. In Sara Ali Khan, we found the most authentic person possible, one who’s undertaken an inspirational transformation journey herself, to introduce us to these real customers and take us through their inspirational achievements. Bringing alive how HealthifyMe’s unique features like calories counter, step tracker, coaches, experts, etc together can help you get there.”

Tushar Vashisht, Founder, HealthifyMe, added, “New Year is an important time for us – when most people resolve to healthify themselves. The insight that everyone healthifies for a reason really excited us. Our brand is founded on honesty, so like always we wanted to showcase the lives and transformation stories of real customers, this time bringing alive their reason to healthify, with the intent of inspiring others to achieve the same. The app helps users make a breakthrough change in their fitness levels, thereafter making a real difference in their daily lives. We’ve tried to reflect that. The film puts out the messaging that users can stay healthy and fit, with ease. Fitness is not daunting but fun. It’s not tough but can be achieved with a few simple steps and few healthy choices, with guidance from our expert coaches. It was a pleasure working with Wondrlab and seeing their contemporary approach come through.”

To watch the filmclick here

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