Interality brings out ‘Memeverse’ a virtual world for MemeChat

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Interality, a leading virtual world engine startup has collaborated with MemeChat to launch Memeverse. Memeverse is a Virtual Reality World where visitors can enter, explore, shop, play and earn NFTs. It has Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.

The platform is multi-user where one can enter the Memeverse with a interality web link through a desktop, smartphone or VR headset along with your friends. Once entered, you may choose your favourite meme Avatar and enjoy shopping digital assets and NFTs, bring meme characters to life in augmented reality and record and share.

Extremely Excited about the collaboration, Farheen Ahmad, Founder & CEO of Interality says, MemeChat is the biggest and the most popular meme app in the country and they actually run the top Indian meme accounts on Instagram with millions of followers. So it’s super cool that we get to build the Virtual world for their community.

“Also, Memes are a big part of the Internet Culture and it’s been an exciting challenge to bring this culture to the Metaverse. Memeverse is a completely new way to experience and share memes- you can explore the virtual world, own viral memes on the blockchain as NFTs and interact with meme characters in augmented reality, and even earn badges. The next generation of meme experiences are here! And it’s powered by Interality”, she adds.

On the platform the Visitors can explore the exciting virtual world that is full of meme references and characters, can hang out with their friends inside, can do in-world shopping of digital assets and memes, shop meme NFTs at The Meme Club inside the Memeverse, can claim a free interality’s Laddoo NFT if they find a hidden meme by Interality inside the Memeverse, take selfie videos with dancing Meme Characters and will be able to record and share their Augmented Reality experiences.

Regarding the association Kyle Fernandes, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer of MemeChat says, “The most thrilling experience for a netizen could be to live in a world where they can shop for memes, quite literally. A place where memes are brought to life in virtual reality and augmented reality. We feel delighted to have associated with Interality to develop a Memeverse for us. This is going to be a total game changer and a new experience for our community. Infact, no one should miss out on this exciting lifetime opportunity that we are providing.”

In the past, Interality has successfully launched a virtual reality world called Tubbiverse. It is Apocalypse-themed, Token Gated, created & launched by a Solana NFT Community Tubbies. The startup has also launched GM BLR Cafe in Metaverse Bangalore. It is a Virtual Reality world launched by the popular Web3 community, GM BLR.

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