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Kotak Mahindra Bank Partners With Digital Entertainment Company Pocket Aces

MediaInfoline March 9, 2018

Kotak Mahindra Bank has partnered with leading digital entertainment company Pocket Aces to create original digital-first content. This is one of the first digital content-led partnerships for a mainstream bank.

The campaign goes live on Women’s Day, and highlights Kotak Mahindra’s women-centric product – the Kotak Silk Savings Account. Via the 4-minute video called Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing on their channel FilterCopy, Pocket Aces beautifully captures the day-to-day stereotypical comments that women hear at home and at the workplace. The video also focuses on how financial independence is real independence and can empower a woman, and portrays Kotak Silk Savings Account as the enabler. Despite it’s fun and light hearted tonality, the video hits the nail on the need to stop gender stereotyping. The account provides women with the best of offers in finance, dining, health and lifestyle, empowering them to do more with various features such as upto 35% discount on locker rentals, Rs. 1.5 lakh debit card limits, good cash back options, etc.

Elizabeth Venkataraman, Head of Marketing for Consumer Business at Kotak Mahindra Bank, shared “We are always evolving our communication strategies and want to ensure that we speak a language that our customers understand. We want to be associated with progressive content that our customers are already watching. This is why when we were looking to spread awareness around the Kotak Silk Savings Account, we partnered with Pocket Aces, who keenly understand the pulse of the audience. They are known to have a good following and create good content which have been liked by audiences in the past.”

Aditi Shrivastava, co-founder of Pocket Aces adds, “It has been a wonderful experience working with the Kotak team on this since we are on the exact same page about financial empowerment for women! We truly believe that there does not have to be a tradeoff between high quality content and high ROI to brands – both are possible and we have proven this time and again. We have done a lot of women centric content with brands such as Kingfisher Buzz, Lifestyle, Velvetcase, etc., which has really resonated with the both female and male audiences resulting in high engagement, retention rates, and brand uplift. We are reaching over 40 million unique people on a weekly basis, and will leverage this base to increase awareness for the Kotak Silk Savings Account.”


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