KPMG in India and Gloplax Form Alliance for Global Capability Centre Offering

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KPMG in India and Gloplax have partnered to offer a comprehensive “Global Capability Centre (GCC) as a service” model, providing organizations with collaborative global teams and smart solutions.


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KPMG and Gloplax Alliance Offers Exciting Opportunities for Organisations

In a strategic move, KPMG in India has partnered with Gloplax to offer a comprehensive “GCC as a service” model to organizations. This alliance presents an array of exciting opportunities for businesses looking to leverage collaborative, distributed global teams across various functions.

The joint service offering between KPMG in India, an established advisor in the GCC space, and Gloplax, a specialized sourcing firm, brings together the expertise and resources of both companies. This collaboration signifies a value proposition that can help organizations streamline their operations and access cutting-edge solutions through an ecosystem of partners.

The “GCC as a service” model encompasses strategy and design, enabling the entity set-up as well as the provision of necessary facilities, infrastructure, and support functions. This holistic approach not only reduces capital expenditure but also ensures speed to market, flexibility in scaling up teams, and access to high-quality talent. Moreover, organizations can benefit from market insights and industry experts, all at a competitive cost compared to traditional standalone GCC models.

With this strategic alliance, KPMG in India and Gloplax aim to strengthen their capabilities across advisory and tax solutions for the GCC channel. By catering to diverse industries such as Financial Services, TMT, Healthcare, ENR, Manufacturing, and Insurance, the joint service model demonstrates its ability to tailor solutions to specific business needs.

The expertise and experience of both KPMG in India and Gloplax will undoubtedly add value to the GCC journey of organizations. By combining their strengths, this alliance can navigate clients through the entire process from strategy development to successful deployment, ensuring a seamless and gratifying experience.

The vision shared by KPMG in India and Gloplax of making offshoring accessible to more companies is commendable. Their commitment to simplifying offshore constructs by leveraging technology and data demonstrates their dedication to providing value to clients. This collaboration is a step towards creating a more inclusive and accessible environment for businesses to tap into the advantages of offshoring.

Furthermore, the alliance’s industry knowledge, global reach, and specialized skills enable KPMG in India and Gloplax to offer a broad range of services and expertise. This ecosystem provides clients with the opportunity to choose the right partners and services to set up and implement the GCC successfully, ultimately accelerating their maturity over time.

Overall, the KPMG and Gloplax alliance brings forth exciting prospects for organizations seeking to optimize their operations through the GCC model. The collaborative approach, combined with the extensive industry knowledge and expertise of both parties, ensures that clients can navigate the complexities of the global marketplace with confidence.


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KPMG in India and Gloplax announce an alliance to offer a broad ranging “Global Capability Centre (GCC) as a service” offering to organisations
KPMG Assurance and Consulting Services LLP (“KPMG in India”) one of India’s leading advisors in the Global Capability Centres (GCC) space and Gloplax today announced a strategic alliance to offer organisations, a broad-ranging and efficient “GCC as a service” model. This can help organisations leverage collaborative, distributed global teams across multiple functions, thereby bringing together an ecosystem of partners with smart solutions to clients.
Gloplax Solutions Private Limited (“Gloplax”) is one of India’s specialized sourcing firms that builds and operates high performing global services (offshoring) platforms. Its deep knowledge in the global sourcing (offshoring) space along with senior industry leaders and subject-matter experts combined with KPMG in India’s rich expertise in providing strategic business advice in the GCC space, makes this joint service offering a great value proposition.
This “GCC as a service” model would be a holistic joint proposition by KPMG in India and Gloplax, and would include the below elements:
Strategy and design including business case, location strategy, operating model design
Building a capability that would enable the entity set up, along with provisioning of the necessary facilities and infrastructure, setting up of operations and managing support functions – Human Resources, Finance, Risk Management and Compliance, Branding, Recruitment and providing support with technology design and implementation.
This model will enable:
Lower capital outlay
Speed to market and flexibility to ramp up an organisation’s GCC team
Access to high quality talent
Access to market insights and industry experts
Competitive cost compared to traditional standalone GCC model.
Further, the alliance would see both KPMG in India and Gloplax bring together their strengths, expertise, and resources to help organisations set up and scale their GCC.
Strengthening KPMG in India’s capabilities across advisory and tax solutions for the GCC channel, this joint service model would have diverse industry focus, including sectors such as Financial Services, TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications), Healthcare, ENR (energy and natural resources), Manufacturing, Insurance and more. Further, this alliance would allow for both KPMG in India and Gloplax, to come up with more innovative operating models for new and burgeoning GCCs alike.
Commenting on the alliance, Arun Nair, Partner, KPMG in India said “Today the potential of such a proposition such as the “GCC as a service” model to transform a number of industries is immense. The combination of our experience and expertise, serving the entire GCC ecosystem and Gloplax’s deep hands-on experience in the global sourcing (offshoring) space will help clients and organisations, navigate through their GCC journeys with a great experience from strategy through deployment.”
“This alliance with KPMG in India is in alignment with our vision of taking the concept of offshoring far and wide, so more companies can leverage the opportunity of offshoring and derive value out of it,” shared Denis McGee, Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, Gloplax. “We have worked on simplifying the entire offshore construct leveraging technology and data,” in line with our objective of making global sourcing simple and accessible,” he added.
Lastly, the alliance brings together industry knowledge, global reach, specialised skills and tool kits of both KPMG in India and Gloplax. It would allow both firms to offer clients, access to a broad range of services and expertise to build an ecosystem to offer some of the best value propositions to organisations and potential customers and also enable the right partners to provide services as required to set up and implement the GCC successfully and accelerate their maturity over time.

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