Listen to Job Guarantee tips from experts, the cricket way: Simplilearn and ESPNcricinfo join hands

Listen to Job Guarantee tips from experts, the cricket way: Simplilearn and ESPNcricinfo join hands

New-age cricket fans have time and again proven to be beyond just passive viewers of the game; they are active learners of cricket. The fans of today are not satisfied with the usual – they are on a constant quest to upskill and evolve. Modern cricket fan conversations also show that they want to apply their learning to boast, impress and outwit their peers.

In line with this insight, ESPNcricinfo and the world’s leading online Bootcamp for digital skills, Simplilearn have collaborated on an interesting content initiative this IPL. As part of an attempt to create clutter-breaking coverage for the most competitive T20 league, users are witness to a new-age content series – Simplilearn presents Job Guarantee Expert Tips. Conceptualized by ESPNcricinfo and Motivator Brand Solutions, it is a topical daily video initiative that borrows strongly from the Simplilearn promise of its Job Guarantee Programs and transcends it seamlessly into organic cricket content that every fan can consume effortlessly.

The premise for this show is rather stimulating yet synergistic with the brand ethos; it equates the IPL as a career environment, and looks at every cricketer performing on this stage as doing their job. As with the expectation every modern-day job presents, the largest T20 league also expects cricketers to continuously upskill and raise their game, lest they fail to make the cut.

In every Simplilearn presents Job Guarantee Expert Tips show, we see an anchor and a leading voice from cricket – the likes of Ravi Shastri, Sam Curran, Ian Bishop, Wasim Jaffer, Chris Lynn, Imran Tahir, Carlos Brathwaite and others – in an animated and enriching conversation as they observe one player due to play the upcoming game. They analyze his performance thus far in the league, and in a contemporary manner discuss the avenues in which he can upskill and thus try to secure a #JobGuarantee i.e., a guaranteed spot in the next playing XI for his team.

As Simplilearn’s Kashyap Dalal validates, “In this content-dense environment, we were looking at creating credible fan-focused content that stands out through its sheer novelty and communicates the strengths of our #JobGuarantee programs in helping millions of deserving candidates build a rewarding High growth career. This collaboration with ESPNcricinfo presents us with a unique opportunity to reach out to the right audience and communicate our narrative effectively, resonating with them at a personal level.”

ESPNcricinfo’s South Asia Sales Head Akshaya Kolhe adds, “Today, brands with a purpose look for partners that bring similar attributes to a collaboration. ESPNcricinfo has always prided on being a platform that is completely brand-safe, and accentuates a brand offering through its credible, authentic and reflective approach to content creation. A significantly discerning user base that constantly looks for reskilling, online certification and enhancement of their abilities is what we present to a progressive, purposeful brand like Simplilearn.

Be it Cricket or in life, everyone needs to constantly improve upon their skills to get better at what they do and to succeed. Through this relatable content series, cricket fans get a wholesome analogical viewpoint that is extremely topical, newsworthy and relevant for the ongoing IPL. Equally exciting is the manner in which the discussion focuses on the positives of each focus player – his strengths that he can hone in order to add an extra dimension to his ability and catapult him to greater heights in this closely-fought competitive setting.

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