Marico collaborates with Kaya


Marico Limited, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, and Kaya Limited, a renowned dermatological solutions provider, today announced that they will collaborate, with Marico exclusively handling sales and marketing of Kaya’s range of 75+ efficacious science-based personal care products outside of Kaya’s clinics. This collaboration will leverage the established expertise and capabilities of both companies and unlock the untapped growth potential of the brand by enhancing its presence and accessibility across markets and channels.

Kaya offers an extensive portfolio of dermatologist-recommended products, ranging from daily essentials to specialized solutions for acne, brightening, sun care, anti-ageing and hair care. Kaya’s products are currently available across some of the leading E-Commerce marketplaces and 70+ Kaya Skin Clincs across India.

This collaboration underscores the commitment of both Marico and Kaya to deliver high quality innovative products to consumers, ensuring highest standards of efficacy and customer satisfaction.

Saugata Gupta, MD & CEO of Marico Limited, commented, “Science and efficacy-based skin care has revolutionised premium personal care both in India and globally, and has also been the missing piece within Marico’s Premium Personal Care play. We believe that with the potent combination of a brand of Kaya’s stature and Marico’s organized channel reach and digital marketing capabilities, the opportunity to scale up the products business can be another growth driver for us over the next few years.”

Rajiv Suri, Global CEO of Kaya Limited, commented, “We are very excited to collaborate with Marico, which will help us enhance our visibility and reach through their already established distribution and marketing networks. Kaya’s 75+ efficacious products will reach wider geographies and acquire more shelf space, ultimately boosting brand visibility and recall, and establishing long-term engagement with consumers.”

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