Sonos and Liverpool FC Team Up to enhance the experience through Great Sound

The partnership to heighten football’s sonic experience at Anfield

Sonos partners Liverpool FC to heighten football’s sonic experience at the team’s home stadium, Anfield and for fans around the world. Sanos is delivering audio content and products that will supercharge the game and intimately connect fans to the rhythms of the sport – and team – they love. The brand has the objective of delivering experiences that makes listening joyful and simpler. This is Sonos’ first sports team partnership.

“Sound has always been an essential part of sports – it breathes energy into every game, whether it’s the music players listen to while getting hyped for a match, the vibrating chants from fans in the stands, or recreating a stadium experience at home,” said Pete Pedersen, VP of Marketing, Sonos“We sought a team – and fanbase – that shares our passion for sound. Thanks to the electric atmosphere at Anfield and the city’s deep heritage in music, Liverpool FC became the perfect match.” 

As a part of the partnership, Sonos will be focusing on the internal lounges and player areas, as well as the AXA Training Centre, the club’s training base and create an immersive sound experience within the stadium.

“There’s a clear harmony between LFC and Sonos, we both share a great passion for the soundtrack of our experiences,” said Matt Scammell, Commercial Director at Liverpool Football Club“Sound is what makes Anfield such a special place, when our supporters get behind the team, the 12th man creates game-changing sound, something we can’t wait to hear again this season. We’re really looking forward to working with Sonos to connect our supporters around the world to the sound of Anfield.” 

Liverpool has been the hub for famous music venues, the birthplace of iconic artists and hence has the world’s loudest football fans. With the fans, Liverpool FC’s sound sits well outside the walls of its stadium, reverberating through countless towns and cities, and connecting fans around the world. Working closely with the Liverpool Supporters Clubs’ Official, Sonos will bring the sound of Anfield to them. Watching spaces with the power of Sonos home theatre products, Sonos will be recreating the stadium’s unique energetic atmosphere in a remote.

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