Revenant Esports Partners with KREO as Official Peripherals Partner

"Revenant Esports and KREO partnership announcement image: showcasing a dynamic gaming setup with advanced peripherals."


Revenant Esports has announced a partnership with KREO, a consumer electronics brand, to serve as the official Peripherals Partner. The collaboration aims to bring unique gaming experiences to esports fans.


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Revenant Esports and KREO Partnership: Boosting India’s Gaming Industry

The collaboration between Revenant Esports and KREO marks an exciting development for India’s rapidly growing gaming industry. As one of Asia’s fastest-growing esports organizations, Revenant Esports’ partnership with KREO, a pioneering consumer electronics brand, is a significant step towards elevating the gaming experience for players and fans alike.

The positive aspect of this partnership lies in the shared commitment to excellence and the promotion of high-quality gaming peripherals. With India boasting a staggering 421 million online gamers in 2022, the potential for growth and advancement in the esports and gaming peripheral sectors is immense. The strategic alliance between Revenant Esports and KREO demonstrates the recognition of this potential and the eagerness to tap into it.

Revenant Esports’ decision to prioritize diversification by having esports teams across PC and mobile games aligns perfectly with KREO’s impressive product lineup, catering to both mobile and PC gamers. This mutual compatibility lays a solid foundation for a mutually beneficial partnership that is poised to bring immense value to the gaming community.

The introduction of KREO’s cutting-edge products into Revenant Esports’ rosters not only enhances the performance of the players but also underscores the organization’s commitment to providing them with the best tools for success. Furthermore, the strategic placement of the KREO logo on the Revenant Esports’ official jersey strengthens brand visibility and creates a sense of pride and association for both the organization and its players.

What makes this partnership even more promising is the promise of unique activations for gaming and esports fans. Revenant Esports and KREO’s collaboration sets the stage for exciting events, tournaments, and experiences that will engage and thrill the gaming community. This commitment to creating memorable moments for fans and gamers alike showcases the forward-thinking vision of both organizations.

Revenant Esports has rightfully earned its place as one of the top esports organizations in India, with its impressive roster of teams spanning multiple popular games. The organization’s athletes have consistently represented the country on international platforms, showcasing India’s prowess in competitive gaming. This partnership with KREO further solidifies Revenant Esports’ position as a leader in the Indian gaming scene and opens doors for greater recognition and success.

As the gaming market in India continues to flourish, with projections of reaching a value of $8.6 billion by 2027, the Revenant Esports and KREO partnership is a testament to the industry’s potential and the determination of these two entities to contribute to its growth. With their shared passion for gaming excellence, Revenant Esports and KREO are well-positioned to make a significant impact on the Indian gaming landscape.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Revenant Esports and KREO is a positive development that showcases the thriving gaming industry in India. By combining their expertise, resources, and dedication to excellence, they have the potential to not only enhance the gaming experience for players but also contribute to the industry’s overall growth and recognition. This partnership is a testament to the bright future of gaming in India and the promising opportunities it holds for players, fans, and gaming peripheral brands.


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Revenant Esports Joins Forces with Indian Consumer Electronics Brand, KREO as Official Peripherals Partner

Revenant Esports, one of Asia’s fastest-growing esports organizations, announced today that it is partnering with KREO, a pioneering consumer electronics brand catering to gamers and creators. KREO will now serve as the official Peripherals Partner for Revenant Esports.

Commenting on the association with KREO, Revenant Esports’ Founder and CEO, Rohit Jagasia, said, “We at Revenant Esports always believe in partnering up with the top brands of the country. As one of India’s fastest-growing esports organizations, the tie-up with KREO, a company pioneering peripheral products, came as a natural partnership. We are an organization which has prioritized diversification from the get-go, having esports teams across PC and mobile games. With KREO’s impressive product lineup serving both mobile and PC gamers, we are very excited to enter this mutually beneficial partnership.”

Revenant Esports’ esports rosters will now be powered by KREO products. In return, the KREO logo will receive a strategic placement on the Revenant Esports’ official jersey. Additionally, Revenant Esports and KREO will be working together to bring unique activations for gaming and esports fans. Stay tuned to the Revenant Esports’ Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube channels for more information.

Commenting on joining Revenant Esports as the Peripherals Partner, Ishan Sukul, CEO, KREO, said, “Kreo was built on the premise of providing high quality, cutting-edge products to gamers and creators, assisting them in their journey to be the very best (…cue Pokemon theme song). Keeping this in mind, we are proud to join forces with Revenant in a dynamic partnership, where we blend the reach and skill that Revenant brings in, with our product arsenal. From the adrenaline-filled moments to the breath-taking victories, our shared commitment to excellence creates a bond that goes beyond the game which Rohit and I shared from Day 1. We’re proud to have our slew of products such as our Gaming Mouse range (Hawk, Falcon), Gaming Keyboards (Hive), Microphones (Rec), Gaming earwear and Mobile gaming accessories in the hands of one of the fastest growing teams in India. Now onto some Pwnage.”

According to, India recorded about 421 million online gamers in 2022, with about 90 million of these paying for online games. The industry has huge potential to bring a significant boost to esports and gaming peripheral brands. Additionally, the gaming market in India is estimated to be valued at $2.6B, a number which is expected to grow to $8.6B by 2027, according to the India Online Gaming Report 2023 by e4m.

Revenant Esports has cemented itself as one of the top esports organizations in the country. The Mumbai-based organization has five esports rosters in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), Call of Duty: Mobile, Brawl Stars, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Pokemon UNITE, respectively. The organization’s esports athletes have represented the country internationally on many occasions, most recently in CS:GO at the IESF World Championship’s Asia-Pacific Qualifier in Riyadh.

Revenant Esports boasts an impressive lineup of content creators as well, including Alpha Clasher, Bitty, Ayush Is Live, and Emperor Plays, who have a combined YouTube subscriber count of more than 3 million. KREO recently raised Rs. 6.5 Crores in a seed funding round led by

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