K Sera Sera Partners with Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt to Create India’s First Virtual Production Studio

Studio Virtual Worlds will be India’s First Virtual Production Studio

K Sera Sera Box Office Pvt. Ltd., the largest Digital Services Provider in India and pioneer of cutting-edge technology in the film production world, is on a relentless pursuit to offer high quality, new age and innovative film mean to producers across the country. And with that vision in mind, the company has partnered with the renowned filmmakers Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt to create and offer India’s First Virtual Production Studio – Studio Virtual Worlds!

Studio Virtual Worlds will offer innovative methods of filming, a new age technical team, visualizations, post-production, editing and support on the unreal engine to the producers as per their requirements. It is learnt that this virtual studio will be specifically designed to create infinite worlds and environments that would make stepping out of the studios unnecessary. It would be an end-to-end solution for all filming for Films, TV Drama and Commercial content production. The producer does not need to go to any location for filming – the location will come to the producer. Satish Panchariya, Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt.

Talking about the joint venture, the Chairman Mr. Satish Panchariya says, “The studio named Virtual Worlds is just apt, for it intends to serve the media industry with every possible, impossible and conceivable world. All in all – Studio Virtual Worlds will be India’s first end to end virtual production studio. Landscapes, interiors, vast sets, small sets, apartments, airports, railway stations, hospitals, courts, jails, spaceships – you name it and you shall have it.”

Vikram Bhatt too adds, “The mindset and toolset of virtual production can support not only better creative outcomes, but also help in reducing filming time and major production costs like transportation, logistics, hotel accommodation cost of outdoor filming. Virtual Production Technology will be of great assistance in Increasing shooting efficiency and avoiding expensive reshoots.”

The studio will be located in Mumbai. Talking about this disruptive means of film shoots, Vikram Bhatt says, “With our virtual studio we will collaborate with both mainstream Hindi films, Regional films, OTT projects, Music Videos and Television. In the current scenario, the demand for Indian content in the market is increasing day by day with many foreign companies investing in India. Virtual worlds will give you much more value for your rupee than before. Our Virtual production studio will help to set up the entire project very efficiently and we will deliver the final output to the producers in superior quality.”

Along with the Studio Virtual Worlds, K Sera Sera Group plans to finance various projects that have an eye on the future and a sense of what the audience is looking for presently.

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