Stylework & FICCI’s partnership paves way for new era of workspace innovation

Stylework & FICCI's partnership paves way for new era of workspace innovation

FICCI, one of India’s leading industry associations, has geared up for the second edition of the highly anticipated ‘India Flexible Workspace Summit 2023’. Scheduled to take place today, May 18, 2023, at the prestigious Trident, Nariman Point, in Mumbai, this summit promises to be an exciting event that has brought together thought leaders and experts from the flexible workspace industry. The main three aspects that are going to be covered among others are Flex Space Provider, Flex Space Occupier and Proptech.

The summit is centred around the theme ‘Accelerating Transformation of Flexspaces – Trends and Innovations’ and is featuring insightful discussions on the latest trends and innovations shaping the flexible workspace industry. CBRE, a global real estate services company, is the Knowledge Partner of this event, while Stylework, a leading coworking space aggregator platform, is the Platinum Partner. Additionally, the four sponsors of the summit are MyBranch, Cowrks, DevX and Attic Spaces. The event is graced by several eminent guests, including Mr. Sparsh Khandelwal, Founder, CEO & Managing Director of Stylework Innovation HubRam Chandnani, Managing Director, Advisory & Transactions Services, CBRE India and Ms. Sulajja Firodia Motwani, Chair of FICCI Maharashtra State Council, among others.

Speaking on this partnership, Stylework’s Founder Sparsh Khandelwal says, “We are thrilled to once again have this partnership with FICCI for the second edition of ‘India Flexible Workspace Summit 2023.’ Our commitment is to make a significant contribution to the success of this event, and we are confident that this collaboration will enable Stylework to expand its network of stakeholders, such as companies, decision-makers, and experts in the industry. Through these alliances, we can build new relationships and work together on projects that help us increase our reach and can further bring the revolution required in the flex space market.”

“There has been a noticeable adoption of flexible workspaces by firms as part of their workplace strategies. With the changes in cost, flexibility, and technology-driven innovations, there has been a resurgence of demand for these spaces and emphasis placed on the need for better workplaces. The leasing of flexible spaces has gained popularity among occupiers of various sizes. Providing a dispersed workforce with various location alternatives and on-demand meeting and collaboration spaces would be essential for occupiers to choose flexible spaces and in this FICCI summit, we all are definitely looking forward to coming up with solutions to make this industry even better.” says Ram Chandnani, MD, Advisory & Transactions Services, CBRE India

Mission & Vision of FICCI India Flexible Workspace Summit 2023

The mission that FICCI India Flexible Workspace Summit 2023 carries is to hasten the industry’s transformation through the use of state-of-the-art technology and creative solutions. The summit offers a platform for business executives, stakeholders, and decision-makers to discuss current trends and potential developments in the Flexspace sector. Furthermore, by fostering innovation, cooperation, and technology adoption, the summit aims to position India as a market leader in the Flexspace sector. Its objectives are to create the development of the flexible working space sector and offer occupiers long-term solutions that maximize office space and meet employee expectations. The other objective is to stimulate economic growth along with technological enhancement and open up new employment prospects in the flexible workspace sector.

Through its partnership with FICCI and CBRE, Stylework has access to a potent network of resources and knowledge that can support the company’s efforts to develop the Flexspace market. As a preeminent business association and a prominent provider of real estate services worldwide, FICCI and CBRE, respectively, offer a wealth of expertise in a variety of fields, including policy lobbying, market research, and industry analysis. With the support of its partnerships with them, Stylework can draw on diverse resources to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market. By harnessing this knowledge, the company can create innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients while promoting the growth and success of the company. This partnership is undoubtedly going to be beneficial for Stylework.

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