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SVF Brands & ITC Nimyle collaborate to unveil the Nimyle Petathon campaign

MediaInfoline August 3, 2020

SVF Brands and ITC Nimyle have joined hands, yet again, for a new campaign launched today titled #NimylePetathon. This is an exclusive initiative to secure our beloved pets from any kind of germs by keeping the floors clean and safe for them.

In these unprecedented times, these four-legged babies are also trapped inside the four walls of the house. To keep them as active as before throughout the day, Nimyle has announced their Petathon Campaign which is filled with fun and clean indoor activities for the pets. Since people are stepping out only for essentials, pets are not getting their time out with their owners. People are also often unknowingly carrying germs from the outside. The pets might eat items off the floor or lick filthy surfaces. ITC Nimyle has come up with the idea to set the seal on the needs of our pets with a 100% natural, herbal floor cleaner to keep them safe.

To implement this idea, Nimyle in collaboration with SVF Brands has featured Priyanka Sarkar along with her two handsome babies – Hope & Shadow. She talks about the problems that she has faced during this lockdown being a pet parent and how ITC Nimyle being an herbal floor cleaner has made the floor completely safe for her pet to play indoor games and not worry about the disinfectant causing rashes and irritation for them. Pet hygiene is equally important and this initiate is designed to encourage safety precautions for our pets. With Nimyle Petathon, any pet parent can go online and search for #Petathon and download the fun games to be played on the floor. Everyone is invited to play these games and share pictures with their pets while tagging Nimyle in their posts. The genesis of this idea is from everyday observation about the struggles of our pets and hence, this brings a positive solution to the problem.

Watch the campaign launch video here:

After a successful association with ITC Nimyle for the #FloorsAreFun campaign in the month of June with Tollywood’s top actress Srabanti, and her son, they have collaborated again for the Petathon initiative. Nimyle had previously teamed up with superstars Prosenjit Chatterjee, Ankush and TV and Radio personality Mir for the #FloorCleaningChampion campaign. Amid the essential protocols labelled to be followed, these initiatives tend to bring about a positive change. Below are the links to above mentioned 4 videos:

Mahendra Soni, Co-Founder, SVF Brands said, “The Nimyle Petathon initiative is offering a positive solution for the well-being of pets. I am delighted that, SVF Brands as a vertical, has collaborated with ITC Nimyle, in spreading out an important message in form of a branded content to the audience. This is our 3rd collaboration with ITC Nimyle, and we are looking forward to do more such exciting work with brand partners.”


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