VICE Media Group and Mediascope Partner On Ad Inventory Deal in India

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VICE Media Group and Mediascope have announced a deal in India which will see Mediascope take on all sales for VICE’s ad inventory, signaling a new phase of growth for the youth media company in the region.

Mediascope takes responsibility for all banners, pre-rolls, and display, which appears alongside VICE’s diverse and disruptive content. This deal allows brands and marketers to connect with VICE India’s young, digitally connected audience and align on the content they truly care about.

VICE launched in India in 2018 and now reaches over 10 million users on Facebook and scores more than 13 million impressions on Instagram every month. VICE Media Group is now the world’s largest independent media company, having grown its audience over 10 times in size in the last five years to now include a global audience reach of380 million unique monthly, whilst employing 2,500 people in over 30 offices around the world.

Mediascope launched in 1979 and has become India’s leading international media services and content consultancy exclusively representing international media brands. VICE joins a roster of leading brands from sectors including technology, retail, fashion, automobile, tourism, hospitality, and real estate. Combining technology, creativity, integrity, and meticulous planning across platforms and geographies, Mediascope offers real scale and opportunity within advertising.

Nilesh Zaveri, COO (APAC) says “Since the launch of VICE India, we have seen tremendous growth across youth audiences and built deep relations with multiple advertisers across industries. VICE is known for its award-winning content which attracts advertisers to us for authentic storytelling around their brands. Our next exciting initiative in the region is partnering with Mediascope to leverage our media inventory across multiple platforms to bring to their large advertiser base.”

Marzban Patel, Founder & CEO, Mediascope says “VICE is hot. And there can be no better platform to reach the evolved GenZ and millennial Indian & their counterparts across geographies. Mediascope provides only the best premier solutions to advertisers across audience profiles and VICE fits perfectly with our portfolio, ethos and strategy.”

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