Viral Fission and Mediacom team up to launch BOOMER Blueberry

Viral Fission and Mediacom team up to launch BOOMER® Blueberry

Viral Fission, one of Asia’s largest Genz platforms recently partnered with digital Agency Mediacom, to amplify the newly launched campaign for BOOMER® highlighting the brand proposition – ‘Bubble Itna badaa ki Duniya par chaa jaaye!. BOOMER®, from the Mars Wrigley portfolio, is one of India’s oldest and most loved bubblegum brands. The Instagram campaign was aimed at driving maximum attention to the new flavour amongst the GenZ cohort by bringing the peers together and invoking childhood nostalgia associated with the brand.

Viral Fission’s GenZ insights played a key role for both teams to ideate and crafting a campaign that is quirky and appeals to the generation while encapsulating the brand mood. The Genz platform created branded in-house filters to align the flavours with respective colour distinctions and personality associations.  The colour blue filter represented the Exotic blueberry flavour while the pink filter was assigned for the strawberry flavour. Some of the personality attributes given to the filters include Prankster of the group, Foodies of the group, trendsetter of the group, and Bollywood buff of the group, among others.

Commenting on this, Aditya Anand, Chief Revenue Officer Viral Fission said “We are extremely ecstatic to associate with BOOMER® and help take the campaign to newer heights. Owing to our massive Gen Z community, we are able to understand the pulse of Gen Z and orchestrate high impact and targeted reach for campaigns. These associations are a testimony to our vision and we look forward to creating memorable experiences and engagements for brands across formats”

The digital film of the campaign by Mediacom was launched on Radhika Madan’s Instagram page and was further magnified by Viral Fission’s ambassadors. Viral Fission’s Genz cohort engaged with BOOMER® through filters and expanded the reach through upbeat captions and hashtags such as  #BoomMachade and #BoomerBubble. The community’s domino effect helped garner 2,00,000+ impressions on Instagram. The campaign witnessed participation from over 1000+ youth ambassadors across India.

Talking about the campaign, Mr. Varun Kandhari, Marketing Director, Mars Wrigley, India, said, “BOOMER® is a legacy brand for us at Mars Wrigley that has over the years become a favourite for our consumers in India. Building on the keen sense of nostalgia attached to BOOMER®, we have introduced a new flavour that is fruity, quirky, and tastes like childhood. With the launch of BOOMER® Blueberry, we aim to bring more innovation in the gums category with a unique twist to a brand that consumers have always loved. Mars Wrigley enjoys a loyal fanbase and with this vibrant film, we hope to celebrate the fruitiness and the joy associated with BOOMER®.”

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