Wavemaker designs a campaign in partnership with Xaxis


To announce the launch of a new mobile handset model in India, Wavemaker, designed a campaign in partnership with Xaxis, GroupM’s Outcome Media Specialists. Xaxis utilised Bridge with Google, a former GroupM exclusive product, to drive engagement among relevant and high-quality consumers with the aim of increasing lower-funnel conversions using activation of 1st party data.

The mobile handset campaign ran on YouTube for two months during the festive year-end season. The challenge was in cutting through the noise among other ad campaigns in a privacy-compliant Google environment.

The strategy and execution

For the campaign, Xaxis defined high quality audiences as males and females above the age of 25 based in India’s top ten metropolitan cities. To maximise engagement with these audiences, Xaxis needed to optimise the handset brand’s media investments, which is where Bridge’s predictive technology came in.

The standard capabilities offered by Google limit the level of targeting and measurement that advertisers are able to access. Google’s Bridge technology was centralised on first-party offline CRM audience data to create richer and more customised data sets to define and reach higher value, top-of-funnel audiences that are distinct from standard Custom Affinity audiences across the Google universe. Bridge does this by using intent signals to ensure on-target similarities and up to 1000x scale.

Xaxis identified campaign success metrics as impressions, clicks, YouTube views, high quality visits (HQV), and cost per high quality visits (CPHQV). In order to compare the uplift across the key performance indicators, three Bridge models were created from from the brand’s offline first-party CRM data using custom look-alike (LAL) algorithms. All three models were split into the following segments based on how closely they resembled the seed audience:

  1.  Top 2.5%
  2.   2.5% – 10%

The results

The ad campaign compared results between the Bridge-identified Google audiences and Google’s off-the-shelf Google Custom Affinity targeted audiences. During the two-month campaign, the mobile handset  brand recorded a nearly 150% increase in high quality visits from Bridge audiences, while cost per high quality visit was 55% lower than Google’s Custom Affinity targeting.

“The way our team applied Bridge technology to be able to identify higher-quality data sets, is a testament to the expertise of our engineers. We are happy to have evolved Bridge for Google and provided tangible client value. At Xaxis, we will continue to explore Bridge across channels with our GroupM innovation group and will have a more focused effort on wider adoption of tangible solutions for our clients. We are happy that our client was able to enjoy cost efficiencies and a higher return on investment, which is one of our core missions at Xaxis,” added Atique Kazi, President – Data, Performance & Digital Products, GroupM India.

“Working with Xaxis was a seamless process in identifying rich and custom audience segments. When you take powerful creatives and combine them with Bridge with Google’s technology that enables data-driven decisions, the result is measurable business outcomes that tie into real business success. We look forward to partnering with Xaxis on many more such path breaking campaigns in the future”, said Ajay Gupte, CEO -South Asia, Wavemaker.

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