Yes Securities & RedFM launches “We Love Wonga”! campaign


Yes Securities, in partnership with RedFM, proudly announces the launch of “We Love Wonga!” – An initiative aimed at enhancing financial literacy among the youth, particularly Gen Z. Through a series of engaging masterclasses and on-air broadcasts, the campaign seeks to educate and inspire young individuals on the importance of early-stage investments and smart financial management.

With the term “Wonga” symbolizing money in colloquial language, the campaign aims to demystify financial concepts and encourage proactive decision-making regarding personal finances. The collaboration with RedFM, which is known for its extensive outreach and distinguished radio jockeys, broadcasted on-air teasers and advertisements, amplifying the campaigns’ reach and impact. Complementing the on-air campaign, Yes Securities conducted masterclasses at prominent colleges, featuring top-rated radio jockeys interacting with college students. These events served as an interactive platform for young minds to learn about effective investment strategies and financial planning from in-house experts.

Mr. Amit Bhandare, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications, Yes Securities India Limited said, “Cultivating financial literacy among today’s youth is paramount for shaping a generation of empowered decision-makers. It’s not merely about building wealth; it’s about instilling confidence and resilience in navigating life’s financial landscape. Through “We Love Wonga!” we aim to equip young individuals with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices, setting them on a path towards financial independence and success.”

The primary deliverables of the campaign included organizing events in colleges, broadcasting on-air teasers and advertisements, displaying standees and backdrop posters at strategic locations, campaign messages through engaging posts on Instagram, and providing an opportunity for fortunate winners to visit the RedFM radio studio, enhancing the experiential aspect of the campaign.

College events conducted so far:

Sr no. Date College name RJ Financial Expert Time Location
1 25th Jan Sathaye Akriti Nirmit 10.00am Vile Parle
2 2nd Feb Dhanukar Yamini Pankaj Daga 11.00am Vile Parle
3 3rd Feb SIES Akriti Pankaj Daga 12.30pm Sion
4 7th Feb Vivekanad Akriti Pankaj Daga 10.00am Chembur
5 14th Feb Vaze Jman Pankaj Daga 01.00pm Mulund
6 16th Feb DY Patil Rishi Kapoor Deepak Malgi 12.00pm Nerul
7 20th Feb SL Raheja Jman Pankaj Daga 10.00am Santacruz


“We Love Wonga!” represents a concerted effort by Yes Securities and RedFM to foster financial literacy and empower the youth to make informed financial decisions. Together, we aspire to create a generation of financially savvy individuals who are equipped to navigate the complexities of the financial world.

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