10 Maintenance tips for two-wheeler owners

Two-wheelers are every commuter’s favourite mode of transportation. The ease with which you can weave in through the traffic, the higher mileage and the comparative deftness of usage make two-wheelers a common household commodity in India. If you maintain your two-wheeler properly, it can last for about 10-12 years easily, if not more. 

Here are 10 simple maintenance tips that you can follow to lengthen the life of your vehicle.

  • Know your two-wheeler well – The key to maintaining your two-wheeler well is to know it through-and-through. Knowing the optimum riding speed can ease up the pressure on your vehicle and prevent it from ageing. Practising right braking will also help reduce a lot of wear and tear. Understand the various parts of your vehicle. Learn to do minor maintenance work all on your own.
  • Get a two-wheeler insurance policy – A two wheeler insurance policy is both mandatory and necessary.  It is illegal to ply without and insurance policy. Otherwise, you will be liable to pay a fine of Rs.2000/. An insurance policy plays a much larger role in covering the expenses of accidental liabilities. If you cause damage to your vehicle or another person’s vehicle or cause bodily injury to them, then an insurance policy will cover for it.
  • Engine oil checkup –  Engine oils must be replaced for every 3000-5000 k.m.  If you don’t change the engine oil in time, it will lower your vehicle’s performance and efficiency. It can even lead to a breakdown. It is essential to use high-grade engine oils while replacing. Your bikes manual has the recommended grade, viscosity and temperature parameters of the engine oil. Adhere to these recommendations if you ever decide to switch engine oil brands.
  • Monitor your two-wheeler’s battery –  The battery should be periodically maintained to ensure your vehicle runs longer smoothly. Battery leakages are a big no-no. If you are not using your two-wheeler for a long time, then disconnect the battery to prevent it from discharging. Otherwise, the vehicle will fail to start.
  • Check the tyre pressure– Checking your tyre pressure once or twice every month would be a good practice. Without the right pressure, your tyre will wear out sooner. You will then have to switch your tyres for a new one. A heavily worn down tyre can even lead to derailing and can cause accidents. Hence maintaining the right tyre pressure is very important. 
  • Lube chains and other movable parts – The chain in your two-wheeler will be in constant motion as your vehicle moves. It is the primary transmission system that converts the power from the engine to the wheels. It should be adequately lubricated. It must not be too tight or too slack. Oil the hinges and levers as well to prevent rust and ensure the smooth running. Never clean them with water as this can remove the free-running capability of the chain.
  • Clean the Air Filter – Air filters can often clog up if you ride in highly polluted and dusty areas. Keep the air filter clean. Change it once in a while. If you live in highly dust prone areas, increase the frequency of cleaning and changing the air filter.

Here is how you can clean the Air Filter of your bike

  • Maintain the right clutch balance – Do not half-press the clutch while driving. Use it only to change gears. Else it can damage the clutch plate. It can also negatively impact the fuel economy of your bike. It should also be properly adjusted enough to have room for free-play. Overtightened clutch can lead to more fuel consumption.
  • Clean your vehicle – Always clean your vehicle once or twice a month. Dust off regularly. Dirt and dust on your bike can lead to rust. Paint on the bike will also be damaged due to excessive dirt. Park your vehicle under shade. Do not leave it in direct sunlight and rain.
  • Regular servicing- Do not miss your service dates. There could be many internal issues with your bike, which could be unseen to the naked eye. Regular servicing can uncover those issues. Changing fluids in your vehicle, checking the air filters, cleaning the bike, etc. comes under servicing. You can also request your service provider to check up on any problems that you have recently felt while riding the bike.

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