Basement Leak Repair; What You Need To Know

Basement Leak Repair

When you find out that your basement is leaking, the problem could be coming from long-term issues that you have not identified. This usually happens when you haven’t carried basement leak repair for a long time. When water penetration issues are not addressed as soon as they occur, over time, they lead to serious issues in your home, some of which can be very detrimental. For instance, if mould grows in your home, it can lead to respiratory problems to inhabitants of your home. That is why experts advise homeowners to keep inspecting their homes from time to time, especially the basement.

But you might be asking yourself why the basement leaks. Well, if we give you an answer to this question, we might mislead you. This is because there are many ways in which water can get into your home, and if it finds that way, it will ultimately get into your home, anytime. Most homeowners think that if they seal their foundation perimeter and the walls, they have dealt with the water penetration problems. Though this is one of the main basement leak repair method, you will be surprised to find water in your home since the basement and walls aren’t only surfaces where water can get into your home. Continue reading below to know more from DrainCom regarding basement leak repair.

  1. Signs Of A Leaky Basement

How do you know that water is getting into your home? There are various signs that will tell you everything is not okay in your basement. The most apparent reason that most people will notice is the presence of water on the basement wall and floor. However, there are other signs that will show you; you need basement leak repair.

  • A bad odour in the basement area.
  • Mould and mildew growth on the walls and furnishings.
  • White efflorescence on the foundation walls.
  • Bug infestation.
  • Rust on the metal furniture.
  • Discolouration of the baseboards.
  • High humidity or dampness.
  • Buckling or bowing walls.

If you see the above signs, you would want to call a professional to inspect the extent of water damage to your basement and advise you on the next move.

  1. Harmful Effects Of Leaky Basement

The main effects of a leaky basement are mould growth and the structure of your home. Mould usually will affect your health since it triggers respiratory issues such as asthma. It is usually detrimental to the group with weak immune systems such as the aged and babies. Besides, mould and mildew are responsible for the bad odour that comes from your basement. That implies you will not be able to spend time in your basement area. This renders your basement useless.

When the issues are not addressed, the wall in the walls can weaken your structure, and the results can be catastrophic.

    3. How To Repair Your Basement Leak

  • Add Gutter Extensions

Adding gutter extensions in your home ensures that water is diverted away from your home’s foundation. While this will be a short term solution, they can help prevent water from getting into your home as you look for more permanent solutions. The best solution to opt for would be to use underground drain pipes that can divert more water away from your basement.

  • Mend Footing Drains

If water is getting into your basement through the joints where the floor meets the walls, hydrostatic pressure could be the issue. First, you need to locate whether your home has footing drains. If so, you need to unblock and flush them. However, if you cannot do this, it is always good to hire a plumber since doing it can only make the problem worse. This should be the case for all basement leak repair issues.

  • Waterproof The Walls.

Waterproofing the basement walls is a significant undertaking, but if that is what will ensure that your basement doesn’t leak, you should do it. After all, you need a basement leak repair method that will solve the problem once and for all. For this, you will need to install French drains to reduce hydrostatic pressure and also waterproof the exterior walls. This process will be expensive, but it guarantees the best cure for your leaky basement.

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