A Beginner’s Guide to Betting on Football: Strategy & Tips to Follow

The most popular sport, Football, is most commonly to bet. For instance, 40% of the money wagered in the UK is used for football betting. This can be attributed to Football being the most followed sport globally. Moreover, it could be that it is also a more straightforward sport to understand and wager on. 

In this regard, every sports bettor must know how to bet on Football. Apart from the reasons mentioned above, a football bettor enjoys an enormous volume of matches throughout the year. And while most online betting sites offer football betting, how do you know how to get started?

 Learn How Football Betting Works

There are numerous football matches and markets for you to choose from every week. Prominent bookmakers offer football online bets and a wide variety of opportunities to choose from. The bookmakers provide their prices on match results and other events within the match. Examples of match events you can wager on include goals scored, individual scorers, corners won, and cards issued. 

A significant number of bookmakers are offering special offers and competitive odds, giving their users the best value bet. Your bet is a winner when the event’s outcome is confirmed, and then the bookmaker pays your initial stake, winnings, based on the odds.

Popular Football Bets

Match Bet

The most straightforward form of football betting. In this type of bet, you put your money on the results of a football match. There are three different outcomes you can bet on including: 

  • Home team to win
  • Away team to win
  • A draw

It is essential to note that the bookmakers will pay out your winnings based on the outcome after 90 minutes. Therefore, if the match scores are level in the 90th minute, the win is a draw. Any goals scored after that do not affect the bet. 

Bet Builder

Bet builders are relatively new in football betting, and they have become trendier in recent years. This type of bet accumulates outcomes from a single match instead of several matches. 

It might not be an ideal bet type for a beginner. However, more knowledgeable bettors can place this bet as it requires you to know enough about the teams playing. You can wager on the number of yellow cards, goal scorers, and corners in this bet.  

Player Props

It is a more detailed set of markets that focus on player abilities, such as the number of shots, offsides, and tackles. Other more exciting bets include several corners, free-kicks, and throw-ins. The markets on offer depend on the bookmaker you choose. 

Asian Handicap Bet

In this type of bet, your selection has a handicap eliminating the possibility of a draw as a bet. The bookmaker gives each team a plus or minus figure to represent their handicap. 

 Double Chance

It is a type of bet allowing you to wager on two of the three outcomes of a match to boost your chances of winning. The available combinations include: 

  • Home team win or draw
  • Away team win or draw
  • Home team or away team to win

If either of your combinations wins, the bookmaker pays you out. However, the odds are lower than when you bet on a single match outcome because you have more chances of winning. The double case is an ideal bet for bettors who want to reduce the element of risk. 

In-Play Betting

This type of bet involves making a bet on a specific outcome during a match. For instance, you can bet on the next team to score or win the next corner or throw-in. You can also wager on the next player to receive a yellow card. 

Finding Value in Football Betting

 First, there are no sure bets in Football, which means that even if you do comprehensive research on a match, a shock result is still a possibility. Fortunately, numerous resources are available on free websites for bettors to read and make more informed choices by sticking to games and leagues you know well and selecting good-value bets.

Football betting offers bettors a wide range of betting markets and bookmakers you can access to get started. 

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