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The best ways to stay entertained on a long-distance journey

MediaInfoline August 27, 2020

Restless and twiddling our thumbs, we’ve all been there, counting down the hours as the minutes slowly tick by on a long-haul flight or a distant train journey. There are plenty of options to prevent mind-numbing boredom, however, and we take a look at some of the best solutions to this age-old problem.

Learn the language (or at least some basics!)

A trip abroad may inspire you to begin to learn the local language or at least pick up a few conversational words and phrases for interactions with locals. Apps, for example, can help with the learning process in a fast and accessible way. This helps to deeply engage the brain and ensure easier interactions with the locals and a wider range of available experiences.


The increasing prevalence of wifi on flights and trains makes it easier than ever to access the online gaming world. Users can follow their favorite sporting events and place a bet on its outcome. For more direct engagement, people can also play poker and roulette at Genesis Casino, the best online casino in India, which offers hours of entertainment through games like ‘Casino Stud Poker’ and ‘Casino Hold ‘em’. Online card games like poker can last for hours and rapidly pass the time.


Podcasts continue to grow in popularity and present a diverse range of choice. Guided meditation and mindfulness podcasts can help to relax your mind and switch off during the journey, whilst cerebral podcasts like ‘Hooked on Books’ can inspire engagement and widen your breadth of knowledge. For those less interested in the more intellectually stimulating podcasts, there are a number of comedy options, like the Ricky Gervais Show, which bring the listener into a conversation and help the time to pass much quicker.

Engage with others

A little etiquette is recommended as perhaps not everyone will be willing to talk, but those that are willing tend to have interesting stories to tell. Talking to strangers on flights can often elucidate a whole new range of experiences and travel tips. The transient nature of interactions on flights or trains can facilitate an openness of conversation which leads to deeper conversations and more profound insights offered.

Take a sketching pad

If you fancy taking a break from technology, taking a sketchbook can be a great way to switch off and get the creative juices flowing. There’s no need to be the next Picasso, simple doodles and squiggles can be entertaining enough for amateurs and reportedly help with our ability to express ourselves. It can be an especially effective way to keep children occupied on long-distance journeys as they experiment with different colors and techniques on the page. It could also be used as a journal, perhaps on the trip home it would provide the ideal opportunity to write about your experiences whilst they’re fresh in the mind.

There are numerous ways to stay occupied on long-haul journeys; intellectually engaging activities like learning new skills or listening to informative podcasts can quickly pass the time, whilst more conventionally ‘fun’ experiences like drawing or playing online games are equally effective. As long as preparations are made in advance, long-distance journeys can be a fantastic opportunity to relax and enjoy yourself through any preference.


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