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Business Ideas In Mumbai After Lockdown

MediaInfoline September 10, 2020

With the global pandemic as high as it has ever been, people all over are being affected. The way to fight against this pandemic is by practicing social distancing. But, as a result of social distancing, the job sector is being affected. Employees are at home and are avoiding commutes to the office, and People are being fired under suspicion of being a carrier.

Some of the most affected are young individuals who have just completed their education. These budding adults are finding themselves without a job due to a combination of social distancing and inexperience. With community lockdowns occurring all over, there is little to do but wait for this pandemic to pass.

Mumbai is one of the denser cities in India and, as a result, is more susceptible to the spread of the virus. People are being advised to stay indoors and not leave unless necessary. This is causing people to suffer on the business ends as organizations and companies are losing the workforce needed to run the day to day operations smoothly.

That said, business is not completely out of the matter. Here are some of the business ideas in Mumbai that can be implemented after the lockdown ends:

  • Manufacture and sale of sanitary products: Healthcare products are now a daily part of life. People are using masks and hand sanitizers every day to prevent the contraction of COVID-19. Even after the lockdown, the prevalence of masks and similar healthcare products will persist. This makes it a perfect business idea, especially in Mumbai. One can manufacture customized cloth face masks and bottled sanitizers and put them up for purchase. The demand for such products has drastically increased. Business owners can get in touch with local sellers, which allows them to reach local customers far and wide.
  • Home Delivery Service: Mumbai has a dense population, which makes lockdown a necessity. As a result, the majority of people are turning to online services and home delivery. This also includes the delivery of basic items like vegetables, toiletries, and other household items. Even after the lockdown ends, people will continue to resort to online services. This makes the creation of a home delivery service a great business idea in Mumbai. Business owners and sole proprietors can acquire the required licenses to establish their door to door delivery service.
  • Riding the YouTuber wave: During this lockdown, there is little to do. People have more free time than they had in months. One can take advantage of this free time and try and start a YouTube channel. With the right amount of persistence, creative outlook, and knowledge of what the audience wants to see, YouTube can be a viable business and a source of income. Many have opted for this and have come out successful. Businesses can also use the platform to promote the company and help showcase their adaptability to their target audience.
  • Online Tutor: Even after the lockdown ends, the government has decided to keep schools and colleges closed. The intent is to prevent the virus from spreading in large groups. To cope with all the missed classes, students and their parents are scouting for tutors through online mediums. Online tutoring can be a great business idea in Mumbai if you are a teacher or have experience in teaching or tutoring. There are several online services like ZOOM, Skype, and Google Meet where one can host one on one online tutoring sessions or a group class. There is little to no setup required to each through online classes while maintaining social distancing. This makes teaching and learning a safe and lucrative way to indulge oneself during and even after the lockdown ends in Mumbai, all the while allowing people to retain the source of income during these trying times.
  • Consultancy service: Many are facing difficulties due to the sudden shift to the digitization and online forums. If one is well versed in the business formulation and understands how today’s generation operates, forming an online consultancy service for other companies and organizations is a great business idea in Mumbai. Mumbai is home to several businesses. Having a consultancy to help them adapt to this sudden change can prove to be a fantastic business opportunity. By helping others grow and adapt to the sudden need for digitization, one can get a promising business future.
  • Food delivery: Like door-to-door delivery, people all over are opting to order food online instead of going to a restaurant. Hence, by establishing or being a part of a food delivery service, one can capitalize on the growing demand. Even after the end of the lockdown, a food delivery service is a great business idea in Mumbai as the demand for such a service will not go down. Business owners can partner with pre-existing food delivery services by providing employees or sanitary equipment and establishing a partnership. Such a service can be established by taking a business loan in Mumbai and acquiring the necessary license.
  • Home-based work: Maintain social distancing and staying home as much as possible is key in fighting this pandemic. At the same time, it is important to have a healthy source of income to sustain oneself. To this end, home-based work is seeing a sharp rise. More and more people are opting to work from home. Business ideas like blogging, content writing, and editing work are viable sources of business ideas in Mumbai. The animation and VFX industry has taken to completing projects from home and are avoiding being affected by the pandemic.

These are some of the many business ideas in Mumbai that a person or business owner can scout. With talk of a potential second wave, the need for proper income financial sustenance is crucial. Potential business owners can take a business loan in Mumbai and set up a business or company of their own that will help capitalize on the needs and demands arising after the lockdown. By keeping in mind, the safety precautions and implementing appropriate business ideas in Mumbai, people can further grow their business by appealing to their customers.


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