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Chrisaldo Goldiloy contributes to the national cause of Social Distancing

MediaInfoline March 26, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Chrisaldo Goldiloy, a boutique agency in Mumbai has created a Social Media awareness campaign that entices a sense of patriotism and a sense of being a part of one big movement through hard-hitting words.

Chrisaldo Goldiloy believes that no effort is big or small. Therefore, despite being one of the smaller agencies, the team currently working from home, took it as their responsibility to convey the message on Social Distancing. They used bold, hard-hitting words to reach out to their audience who can in-turn spread the message to the masses.

The message strongly aligns with the company’s philosophy: Make a Difference by Making them Feel.

With an intention to touch the masses, Chrisaldo Goldiloy decided to amplify their reach through a paid campaign, fueled by its own funds for a cause that is globally important. The campaign is not for any of the brand that they cater to. They believe that doing so may also inspire other bigger agencies and in turn create a greater ripple effect.

On Facebook and Instagram, this campaign has already has reached over 10K people which has enabled the message to go beyond Chrisaldo’s network. Strong, focused and clear messaging will be one of the key assets in igniting the inner motivations required to deal with a global crisis of this size.


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