Common mistakes to avoid when using a business loan EMI calculator

Are you a qualified entrepreneur? Have you ever taken a loan to manage your business performance? Do you know the most common mistakes people make when applying for loans meant for business purposes? This blog must be read thoroughly to understand the answers to the given questions. Going back to the basics, business consultants state that entrepreneurs should avoid making common mistakes while calculating loans to be payable through easy monthly installments.

As explained by experts, taking a personal loan can help with various expenditures related to business ventures. Personal loans could be used to attend a medical emergency or to construct a second storey of a one-storey building.

However, as qualified entrepreneurs, we must be extremely careful to fully understand the implications of taking a loan for your business. It is interesting to note that people, more often than not, use personal loan calculators to understand EMI pay outs. EMI calculator can help entrepreneurs to take a close estimate for making a monthly repayment within a stringent budget.

EMI calculators are available online tools that can help you plan your finances. However, experts suggest that avoiding common mistakes on EMI calculators can help you make a close estimate of your monthly expenditures.

Understanding Business Loan EMIs and Calculations

In the contemporary context, young entrepreneurs work carefully on business loans being applied for. Consultants state that they plan to finalise a business loan as desired. A majority of young entrepreneurs prefer to go for collateral-free business loans.

Therefore, avoiding the most common mistakes is naturally implied. For a generic understanding, it is always advisable that entrepreneurs carefully work towards taking an optimal business loan amount to minimise the risk associated with it. An optimal value for a business loan might vary from one business to the other.

However, a careful estimation can be done based on several factors. Cross-checking of business loans that you plan to borrow is required, as the estimation needs to be aligned with your financial obligations as well.

Mistakes to Avoid while using a business loan calculator

Before making a valid loan application, an entrepreneur must make a careful online calculation. Certain common errors that need to be avoided remain to be listed as follows:

  • Entering false loan amount ( Not entering accurate data about loan repayment)

Young entrepreneurs should take a close look at the business obligations, regular cash inflow and product management aspects before making a rough estimation of the loan amount to be applied for

  • Neglecting the tenure to make loan repayment

Sometimes, borrowers fail to consider the tenure for loan repayment. This might cause a huge difference in estimating the interest amount paid compared to the principal amount. Reducing the tenure would also reduce the interest rates, but one needs to keep in mind other financial obligations.

  • Overlooking the existing Interest Rates

This is another gross mistake that needs to be avoided, as interest rates remain a factor while calculating the repayable amount. Not paying attention to interest rates can create confusion regarding the amount to be repaid within the defined tenure.

  • Not taking into heed processing fees and other charges

Many borrowers only focus on the amount to be borrowed. They hardly heed processing charges, penalties related to pre-payment or charges associated with late repayment. Not taking heed of these charges would keep you in the dark regarding the total amount to be paid.

  • Not Considering Prepayment Options

Certain reputed financial institutions, including banks, offer prepayment options. Only some banks have this facility, but computing it might help the entrepreneur correctly calculate the loan amount. Early repayments can be planned based on certain benefits. It is best to discuss this with the concerned authorities before making a final decision.


To conclude, we must accept that borrowers are usually available online. The EMI calculator is useful for calculating your monthly installment payments based on the borrowed principal amount. Instant determination of EMI can be done by computation of the following aspects:

  • The total loan amount that has been received
  • interest rate and
  • tenure related to repayment,

Qualified financial consultants suggest that non-banking finance corporations (NBFCs) are the best option when applying for a business loan. NBFCs provide several options for young entrepreneurs while offering flexible repayment schedules. A major aspect remains the quick processing of business loans, with minimum processing charges. Approaching an NBFC can help you choose the right loan amount for the business’s financial obligations.

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