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Corporate Housing vs Hotels, Which is Better for Me?

MediaInfoline June 26, 2020

Picture this scenario, you’ve just landed your dream job in Silicon Valley or elsewhere in San Francisco (lucky you) and have to relocate quickly? One of the biggest headaches you could be dealing with now is where you’ll stay from your first night. Our advice? Don’t overthink it! Look for a temporary home – a corporate house or a hotel. You can then figure out the rest once after you have settled down and familiarize yourself with your new environment.

In this short guide, we explain the reasons why corporate homes are more recommended than booking a hotel room.

But first…

What is corporate housing and who uses it?

Corporate housing is a general term for short-term housing solutions for career professionals and business owners traveling to new cities. They can be fully furnished apartments, condos, or rental homes.

Some of the top professionals who use corporate housing services include:

  • Healthcare personnel like travel nurses, medical researchers, and pharmaceutical sales representatives.
  • Government and military personnel on extended assignments.
  • Manufacturing and construction professionals like project managers and tradesmen
  • Business travelers
  • Entertainment industry people like performers, film crews, and actors
  • Finance and banking professionals like auditors and bank managers
  • Technology experts like contracted programmers
  • Intern groups

Corporate HousingImage Credit Link: Photo by Dimitry Anikin on Unsplash

Why do professionals prefer corporate housing to hotel stays?

Corporate housing offers a superior alternative to traditional hotels due to several reasons that we cover below:

Dedicated living spaces

Most corporate houses are fully serviced apartments with a lounging area, bedroom, kitchen, and all other amenities found in a typical home. The same cannot be said of a standard hotel room where you sleep, eat, and relax in the same single room.

It is this all-inclusive factor in corporate housing that gives you the feeling of being home away from home. If you are to settle in quickly and remain productive, this sort of contentment will come in very handy.

Pet friendly

Another significant advantage that corporate housing has over hotel stays is that most allow you to stay with your pet. This is unlike a lot of hotels that do not permit pets, while those that do place inhibitive rules that will most often discourage you from tagging along with your dog or cat.

You can simplify your search for pet-friendly corporate apartments by using the “pets allowed” filter in your online searches. Besides, we recommend using Google Maps to see if there are dog parks near the area you wish to move to.

Tucked in residential areas

Most corporate houses are tucked away among other residential apartment complexes and form part of the surrounding communities. This is unlike hotels, which are usually located in busier metropolitan areas.

So, why does it matter?

Hotels are transient and guests are always coming in as others check out. This limits your opportunities to connect and create meaningful relationships with people. But with the more stable environment offered by corporate housing, you have a good chance of meeting and making new friends who can help you settle in much quicker.

Another reason is some hotels are also located downtown and shut down after working hours. This means you’ll likely have to find creative ways of your own to deal with boring evenings and weekends if you choose to stay here. 

Live the way you would at home

We already touched a bit on this earlier, but it won’t hurt to emphasize what we meant. Corporate houses are a lot more comfortable and feel more like a ‘real home’ when compared to hotels. For starters, their setting is such a way that you have access to possibly the same typical amenities available at home. This includes home furniture, kitchen appliances, electronics, and sufficient space. What’s more, you can even go out to jog or cycle or join a local gym membership. I should also point out that the financial burden of renting a Corporate home can be offsetted if you’re into housing hacking or a similar practise. 

All these factors make it easy to recreate the much-needed home feeling so you can adjust smoothly and minimize the pains of moving homes.


Finding a suitable place to stay in any city can be quite a hassle, especially if you are moving across the country to come and stay here for a while. Sure, there may be numerous housing options to choose from in the city, but you need somewhere safe, accessible, and with the right setting to help you feel at home. A nice corporate house should tick all these boxes and more.

Do not complicate your move. Start your search for the best corporate apartments in your new city now and settle in much faster than you would in a hotel.


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