A Day In The Life Of An Agency – Kavita Natarajan, Regional Head (West) – Operations, WATConsult

Kavita Natrajan WATConsult

11:00 a.m.

There is a gang in the middle of the floor that’s steadily growing and growing noisier by the minute as they brainstorm over the next big idea. There’s loud stomping as someone is going up to the second floor for their third cup of espresso. A CS manager walks past, and you hear hertackling early morning urgent missives from her client. The sofa corners across the office are being claimed for team discussions. Someone has decided that blaring aDalerMehendi playlist is ideal for a Tuesday morning. The tech guys are glued to their screens with their headphones on. The conference room is being fought over. Senior team leads have huddled over their billing excels. The ORM guys are typing away furiously. The HR manager is introducing a new recruit to his team. A green screen is being set up for an impromptu photo-shoot. DalerMehendi has started crooning.

It is 11:02 a.m.

So much happens, so fast, at WATConsult. You feel the energy and adrenaline the moment you walk in. I’d be shocked if anyone has ever complained of boredom.

The day begins with people coming together over their mugs of cappuccinos and green teas. To-do lists are discussed, and tasks are assigned. Pending tasks are pored over. The early birds are half-way through their list when the stragglers walk in sheepishly. More coffee and green tea flows.

Someone somewhere is always striking a deal. It could be a junior executive convincing a designer to share yet another option for the client. It could be the Lead Creative Strategist charming a client with a multi-episode video series while our Ecommencify team coaxing the last penny out of the biggest ecommerce players for the EOSS sale. It could also be a regular multi-crore plan that the media planners are pitching to a client over a conference call. Tip of the ice-berg, really.

Someone somewhere is always creating. A creative presentation to make their brand the biggest Instagram sensation of the year goes hand-in-hand with a case study on the best crisis management campaigns. You will find someone tinkering in InnoWAT, our in-house innovation lab over the new experiential tech ideas. Creative hats are always on in the HR bay and mind you, they create some of our coolest internal campaigns.

Lastly, and most frequently, someone somewhere is always catching up. We come together over a post-office beer to drown the day’s furies. A post-office catch-up, often, is a training session on the newest and coolest happenings in-house or in the world. Collaborations range from the annual Diwali mega-brainstorms to a mid-day PUBG tournament.

What is it that makes me walk through these doors, wanting this energy to engulf me every day? It has taken me a while to really pin it down. What lies beneath the chaos of the day?

We don’t even realize that we are united by this unspoken codethat makes us a WATizen. Beneath the chaos of the day lies a burning desire to be the best version of yourself every day. A drive to seek and deliver more, for your client and for yourself. The responsibility to scale not only yourself but also those who make it possibly for you to. The humility to accept our failings and be better. The confidence that we will bounce back no matter what. Open doors, ears, and arms for everyone, no matter what.

It is a culture that we own and live by every day. We wear our pride on our sleeves quite unabashedly. We work hard,and we make it count. We come from humble, honest beginnings, but we roar the loudest for our kind. We’re 400 digital natives. It gets loud. We like it like that.

There isn’t a typical day at WATConsult. Thingshappen, and we hustle. Or more often than not, we hustle and make things happen. And we have made it happen for over 12 years now. Let’s just say, we got it.

Kavita Natarajan is the Regional Head (West) – Operations, WATConsult. An experienced senior team leader with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry Kavita is skilled in Digital Strategy, Advertising and Integrated Marketing.

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