5 Delicious KFC Food Items You Can Order For Below INR 200

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KFC is one of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, known for its crispy and juicy fried chicken. But did you know that KFC also has a variety of menu items that are affordable and delicious? In this article, we will explore some of the best KFC food items that you can order for below INR 200.

  1. KFC Super Saver Range: If you are looking for a quick and satisfying snack, then the KFC Super Saver Range is perfect for you. This range includes four options: Chicken Popcorn (INR 99), Chicken Strips (INR 109), Hot Wings (INR 119), and Veg Strips (INR 99). You can choose any of these items and enjoy them with your choice of dip. These are ideal for sharing with your friends or family, or for munching on while watching your favourite show.
  2. KFC Buckets: Nothing beats the classic KFC Buckets when it comes to enjoying fried chicken. You can choose from three options: 4 pc Hot & Crispy (INR 199), 4 pc Smoky Grilled (INR 199), and 4 pc Boneless Strips (INR 199). These buckets are great for satisfying your hunger and cravings, as they come with generous portions of chicken that are tender, juicy, and flavorful. You can also add sides like fries, coleslaw, or corn to make your meal more complete.
  3. KFC Rice Bowls: If you are looking for a more filling and balanced meal, then the KFC Rice Bowls are a good option. These bowls consist of rice topped with gravy and chicken or veggie patty. You can choose from two options: Smoky Red Rice Bowl (INR 179) and Veg Rice Bowl (INR 149). These bowls are hearty and delicious, as they combine the taste of rice, gravy, and chicken or veggie patty in every bite. They are also easy to eat, as you can just use a spoon and enjoy.
  4. KFC Burgers: If you are a fan of burgers, then you will love the KFC Burgers. These burgers include crispy fried chicken or veggie patty, lettuce, and sauce sandwiched between two buns. You can choose from four options: Chicken Zinger (INR 179), Veg Zinger (INR 149), Chicken Krisper (INR 129), and Veg Krisper (INR 109). These burgers are crunchy, juicy, and tasty, as they offer a burst of flavors in every bite. You can also add fries or drinks to make your burger meal more enjoyable.
  5. KFC Snacker: If you are looking for a light and simple snack, then the KFC Snacker is a good choice. This snacker consists of a mini burger with chicken or veggie patty, lettuce, and mayo sauce. You can choose from two options: Chicken Snacker (INR 69) and Veg Snacker (INR 59). These snackers are cute and yummy, as they offer a bite-sized treat that is easy to eat and satisfying. You can also order them in combos with fries or drinks to make them more fun.

These are some of the best KFC food items that you can order on Zomato for below INR 200. Whether you are looking for a snack, a meal, or a treat, you will find something that suits your taste and budget at KFC. So what are you waiting for? Order now and enjoy the finger lickin’ good food from KFC!

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