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Different Types of Employment Agencies Mississauga

MediaInfoline August 5, 2020

With today’s highly competitive job market, it can be tough to get a job. To increase your chances of getting a job, you would like to consider enlisting the services of an employment agency Mississauga. Luckily, there are many job agencies, and what you need to do as a job seeker is to decide on the right one to use, of course, depending on the kind of job you need.

According to Team Global, some of the factors you would want to consider when selecting an employment agency Mississauga are your work history( this could be entry-level or a seasoned professional), your specialization,  your flexibility, your skill-set and possibly your geographical location. Here are different types of recruitment agencies in Mississauga.

  1. Traditional Employment Agency Mississauga

Traditional employment agencies Mississauga help both job seekers and client companies to get a job and get the right talents respectfully. Though most employment agencies charge a certain fee to their client companies, there are some which charge job seekers some fee. These are recruitment agencies that operate on commissions.

So, it makes sense to set the records straight with the company, upfront, concerning any fee involved, and who will pay it.

It is the responsibility of the client firm to pay the employment agency. Traditional agencies are diverse. Some deal with sales and marketing, legal matters, IT and career searches, human resource management, accounting, etc. We would not recommend recruitment agencies that charge job seekers.

  1. Contingency Job Agencies

These recruitment agencies are only paid when the client company employs their applicant. Some charge the applicants, so it is essential to set things clear upfront to know who pays the fee before signing up with them. In most cases, these employment firms deal with low and middle-class job searches, and they handle a lot of resumes.

Therefore, if you choose to look for a job through a contingency employment agency Mississauga, you will compete with applicants who applied for the same job through other avenues such as job boards, HR department, or other recruiters.

  1. Retained Searches

These types of employment agencies Mississauga normally have a close relationship with the firm they are working for. They are normally used to look for the right candidate for executive positions or senior-level positions. The job agency is usually given a specific period to look for an ideal candidate to fill a certain position.

The agencies then sources and contacts the best-qualified candidates. They even reach out to executives who are already working and try to entice them to leave their current job. These people are famously known as ‘head-hunters’ due to the nature of candidate hunting. The ‘hunters’ are paid expenses and a certain percentage of employee’s salary, notwithstanding whether the candidate is employed or not.

Executive search firms thoroughly review the qualifications of the candidate before sending him or her to the management. The most appropriate candidate is hired after interviews.

  1. Temp Agencies

Temp agencies are employment agencies Mississauga that look for workers to employ them temporarily. For instance, the candidate can be hired during seasonal increases in the company, tax season, or replace employees who have taken a sick or vacation leave. Temp agencies also look for candidates to execute short term assignments.

However, there is a paradigm shift in the way temp agencies operate. For instance, nowadays, they include temp-to-hire positions. In this arrangement, a candidate is hired as a temp employee, and if he performs well, he is retained permanently by the company.

A temp employment agency Mississauga helps job seekers get jobs in different industries such as in light industries, administrative, customer service, non-clinical medical, etc. The staffing agency normally pays the employees, and it is, in turn, paid by the client firm.

The temp recruitment agency may also offer benefits such as childcare allowances, vacation pay, and health insurance. If the candidate is employed permanently, the employee is paid by the company and not the employment agency.


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