Enrich Empowers Cancer Survivors With Hair Donation Drive


This World Cancer Day you can bring cheer to the cancer survivors as the largest salon chain of India, Enrich brings to you a unique hair donation campaign which is uplifting cancer survivors.

  • Known for innovative campaigns, Enrich, India’s largest organized salon chain, has partnered with Cope with Cancer to further this cause. 
  • They are turning the donated hairs into wigs for the cancer survivors

Enrich is awarding 10,000 worth of services to those who donate hair through February in favor of World Cancer Day

You can check out the hair donation drive on their Instagram page

Restoring Cancer Survivors’ Confidence

On account of World Cancer Day on February 4, Enrich has launched a unique campaign to encourage and support cancer survivors. 

  • Bearing in mind the loss of confidence that cancer patients experience while losing their hair due to chemotherapy; Enrich has launched a hair donation drive. 
  •  One of the most important things that a wig provides is a choice to the survivor to enjoy the feeling of having sturdy and durable natural hair on their head.
  • They will use the donated hair to make wigs which will be provided to cancer survivors.  
  • It has been proven that a natural looking wig helps in boosting self-confidence and has psychological and emotional benefits for those who have extreme hair loss, a common side effect of chemotherapy.

According to the National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research (NICPR), an estimated 2.25 million people in India live with cancer and more than 1,157,294 new cancer patients are registered every year.

Enrich Customers To Benefit 

This initiative will not only help Enrich customers to be a part of a social initiative, but also earn them 10,000 reward points, which can be used to avail any service at the salon. Enrich has announced this month-long drive through their social media and in-store communication (links below).

“We as a society have grown more conscious towards the well-being of one another since we had the pandemic turning into a humbling experience for us all recently. As we now progress with life adapting to the new normal, it is more important than ever to become proactive and be a part of social initiatives. We hope to make a positive difference to the lives of cancer survivors as well as our customers,” said Vikram Bhatt, Founder, Enrich.

This drive has been highly appreciated by customers across. Celebrities and influencers too have shown their support for the campaign on social media.

Link: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKlS8NcK-IU/?igshid=1tsjffn0n3rpm

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