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Gambling cruises: travel to the world’s most famous casinos

MediaInfoline October 23, 2020

A yacht trip is a gamble itself. Imagine how interesting it is to combine a cruise with a visit to the casino! So, if you have a desire to rent a ship, as well as a few thousand USD in stock, with which you can easily part, this article is for you. Or as an alternative, you can start playing at the Casinonic casino without the need to travel far away.

Casino in Monte Carlo

Let’s start our review with the famous casino in Monte Carlo, which you can easily reach during a yacht tour along the Cote d’Azur.

Casino-Monte-Carlo imageThe casino in Monte Carlo is the oldest gambling establishment in Europe, opened in 1863. However, the first such institution did not last long: it burned down in a terrible fire but reopened in 1878.

Today, people over the age of 18 can enter the casino. There is a strict dress code: in beachwear, you will not be allowed there. Here you can play poker, spend time in the slot machine room, or play roulette. The casino’s VIP lounges are designed for gentlemen who play for very large sums of money. There are also several restaurants and an opera house in this historic building.

Bellagio in the USA

This is not just a great casino in Las Vegas, but also the most expensive gambling establishment in this city. Bellagio is a large complex with 200 tables for a variety of gambling. You will also find 2,000 slot machines, so – prepare your wallets! By the way, this is where you can meet many representatives of bohemia.

casino-Bellagio imageYour cruise might look like this: by renting a yacht in San Francisco or Los Angeles, you can travel along the coast of the United States, and then, leaving the yacht in port, go to Vegas by helicopter, which can also be rented with CofranceSarl.


The casino in this German city can be called a classic gambling establishment. It opened in 1809. Here came the royal persons, which is why at the dawn of the XIX century for the game used only precious chips made of gold and silver.

Visitors to the casino will find 24 gaming tables and 113 slot machines.

If you decide to combine a visit to the casino with a yacht trip, you can moor in the port of Amsterdam, Genoa, Venice, or on the Atlantic coast of France, and then by land or by helicopter get to Baden-Baden.

Bahamas Casino Atlantis Resort

Fans of exotics and gambling will surely love the Atlantis Resort casino on Paradise Island. You will find yourself in a real game city, where you can try your luck, and also relax on a tropical beach.

Casino in Singapore Marina Bay Sands

When you reach the coast of Malaysia on a yacht, go to Singapore, where you will find the fashionable Marina Bay Sands. The casino will impress even an experienced traveler with its splendor: you will see three towers of 55 floors each with a panoramic pool on the roofs of buildings.

Here, everything breathes with gambling: guests spend and win money at 600 tables and 2,300 slot machines. You can cool your passion for swimming in the bay. 25 thousand people – so many visitors come to the casino every day.

Casino in Macau

If you find Macau on your route, why not take a look at the local little Venice – Venetian Macao Casino? Established in 2007, this is a luxury hotel where you can gamble and enjoy gondola rides on stylized Italian canals. At your service – 3,500 machines and 800 gambling tables.

We wish you an interesting yacht trip and a smile of fortune!


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