How Can Humor Be Effectively Used In Advertisements?

Humor and advertising have been together since the inception of advertising. People like funny things and it is human psychology that humans are naturally attracted to humor and funny things. Even when you were in high school or at parties, you would have noticed that it is the funny person that has gathered a crowd around himself for listening. 

Humour gets the attention of general audiences and advertisers are very well aware of this fact. Advertising that uses humor along with delivering the message is more effective at impacting viewers.  Humour is most used in the North American region and in North America, 69 percent of ads in the top impact are humorous. 

Humour is used in more than 50% of the ads on TV worldwide and this stat alone shows the power of humor as an advertising tool. Through humor, advertisers can make the ad more enjoyable, engaging the people, and helping people remember the ad because of the humor.

However, everything needs to be done correctly but if used incorrectly and humor misses the mark that it was supposed to hit can do a lot of damage than if there was no humor in that ad, at all. An ad that contains poor humor is interpreted as plain boring or irritating because it misses the target that it was supposed to hit and instead of entertaining the audience, it is simply irritating them. 

For advertisers and markets, choosing the right kind of humor is difficult because humor is subjective. What might be funny to one person may not be funny at all to the other person but advertisers must do one thing that is to ensure that the majority of the target audience finds their ad funny if they want to make an impact on the audience.

Humor Should Relate To The Brand

Another interesting thing about the element of humor in advertising is that humor must relate to the brand or business being advertised, otherwise, the humor is of no use. So, the brand has to be intimately related to the humor of the ad so that the humor is actually able to promote the brand. 

If an ad is funny but is completely untreated to the brand or business that it is advertising then the audiences will be entertained by the ad but they will not remember the brand for which the ad was for. This might have happened to you many times when you find an ad really funny and entertaining and all of a sudden, you forget the name of the brand for which the ad was for. 

Such ads can be a huge problem because they are entertaining people but they are not fulfilling their purpose which is to promote the brand and create brand awareness among the audiences. Such ads will do one job and that is to entertain the audiences for 30 seconds or so and that is it, it doesn’t do its job of promoting the brand. 

For instance, if there is a humorous ad about an online platform such as Omegle, Chatroulette, Chatrandom, or any other such platform where you can meet and have fun with random strangers from all over the world but the ad doesn’t refer to such platforms at all then such an ad has failed to do its job, promoting the brand. 

Humor and branding should be intimately related to each other so that both the jobs are done, the audiences are entertained and the brand is also promoted. This can be done by making the brand the center of the ad so everything is being revolved around the brand. In this way, people will not only remember the ad for its humor but also remember the brand too.

Humor Can Be Risky

While there are perks of trying to be funny, there is also a risk involved and that is when you end up being offensive. Advertising is all about trying to get attention and sometimes while doing so, you can get out of limits and end up offending the viewers.

A prime example of this is a 2014 advertisement of Generation Lamb featuring Sam Kekovich for Australian Lamb. This ad created an unwanted controversy because it was offensive to vegan and vegetarian viewers who were portrayed as un-Australian for their food choices. 

So, yeah! Sometimes humor can also be very risky and it should be done the right way so that it doesn’t hurt anyone’s sentiments and also does the job of entertaining people and promoting the brand.

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