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How to Solve the Financial Issues Within a Couple

MediaInfoline October 30, 2020

couple-talking-money-billsOddly enough, those who do not have a family talk about family relationships the most. However, people with experience in family life will agree that the spouses’ aspirations should be aimed at creating general well-being.

Reality is always far from ideal

Often the family boat crashes on elementary selfishness. Men seek Ukrainian girls for marriage because they want hospitable and beautiful wives. However, what they are ready to give back? It’s not a lack of money, everyday quarrels, or a conflict of characters that leads to divorces. It’s just that one of the spouses lives well at the expense of the other’s psychological, emotional, and physical. This unequal balance of power does not lead to anything good. Modern medicine believes that even some diseases appear precisely because an invisible spring inside us is tightened from psychological stress and internal discontent. Are you ready to withstand this kind of pressure?

In a normal family, both spouses are equally eager to give themselves. And they do it with joy. Talking about money and financial troubles should be a part of your normal routine. Sacrificing anything when dating Ukrainian women is a wrong path that only gives rise to dissatisfaction with each other.

It is unacceptable to calculate who owes whom and what. The family is not a marketplace where everything is based on exchange. Whether people know how not to put their own interests at the forefront and make decisions guided by the common good. However, sacrificing oneself and completely surrendering to someone for the sake of preserving well-being is also a wrong position.

Why do marriages of convenience collapse?

A person has no control over circumstances. What if something goes wrong in your plan? The businessman’s husband may go bankrupt. The beautiful model wife may get fat and look old in a couple of years. Anything can happen. Will your marriage be over then?

We must not forget that our loved ones almost every minute need care, sympathy, and support, not that much financial but in terms of emotional feedback. We are in one way or another responsible for our significant others. This is where healthy self-sacrifice is born without offense or reproach. Why a hundred years ago there were many times fewer divorces? And yet not all marriages were made for love. From an early age, the concept was instilled that the family is the basis of all life. Every partner should have been doing what was “prescribed” for them. The concepts of loyalty, self-sacrifice were not empty words.

A married couple can be compared to two climbers who, together, conquer an impregnable peak. To achieve it, one must be fully willing to do everything possible for the other. Only in this case is it realistic to build a family hearth, which will become a comfort zone for both. At the same time, it is important to correctly distribute obligations so that you do not have to sacrifice yourself, and the other person is responsible for this.


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