How to Make Sure You’re Advertising to the Right People

Classic marketing techniques are great. TV, radio, merchandising, and print-based resources such as magazines, newspapers, posters, and flyers can work wonders for your business. But they can also be expensive, and it’s hard to make sure they reach a relevant audience. So, what can you do to increase the chances of your brand’s name and reputation being noticed by the right people? Read on to find out.

Do Your Research

Who currently buys your products or pays for your services? Who do you want to buy your products or pay for your services? By undertaking extensive market research, you can build a profile of your typical or ideal customer, then tweak your marketing approaches accordingly. You’ll be able to discover the types of magazines they might read or the TV shows they watch, the social media pages they’re likely to follow and the radio programs or podcasts they might listen to. You might even learn about the places they frequent, where posters may be displayed. This will help you to determine where to place your advertising materials.

Invest in Intent SEO

Through the effective use of intent SEO, you can multiply revenue for your business and consistently outrank competitors on search engines. With more people than ever using search engines to find their ideal service providers and product manufacturers or distributors, SEO (search engine optimization) is now one of the most straightforward, logical, and affordable ways to target precise consumer groups. By researching the keywords used by individuals looking for products and services like yours, you can find the most common words and phrases they use in that search. There are a number of free tools online that will help you do this, and you can even search by specific criteria such as location. Once you know what terms relevant customers are most likely to use, you can organically include them in your onsite copy, blog posts, social media posts, meta titles, and more. This will help you to appear higher up the search results.

Ask for Feedback

A great way to discover how certain customers discovered you is by asking them directly. One approach is to offer incentives, such as free entry into a prize draw, in return for the completion of a simple feedback form or survey. By doing this, you can find out anything from where the customer heard about you to specific improvements, they might suggest helping you attract more customers. If your customers have enjoyed their interaction with you, they’ll likely be more than happy to help in this way, particularly if there’s something in it for them.

Be Specific

It’s best to spend your time, money, and resources on correctly placing your ads instead of sending out a marketing blanket. For example, if you’re advertising on TV or radio, think about the times at which your audience is likely to be watching or listening, and the programs they’re more likely to tune into. If you’re considering social media marketing, be sure to schedule posts on the right platforms at the relevant times, for example, if your customers are most likely to have a 9-5 job, lunchtime and the pre-and post-work rush hours may be best.

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